Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Trying Something New...

I've been reading a few new cooking blogs lately and it got me thinking that maybe I should start sharing some of my favorite recipes. Of course, it helps to get an idea of where the creating happens, so I've included some pics of my kitchen for those of you who have not been to my house. This is the view from the kitchen sink. I love my island. It is where I do all of my food prep. The computer on the desk is "Lily's" computer, although Zoey has been spending a bit of time there lately watching Sesame Street clips and videos. Matt's computer is upstairs in the loft and Jack and I both use our own laptops.

From this viewpoint you can also see the wine rack which is rarely empty. LOL...On top of the wine rack are scrapbook layouts awaiting placement into an album. The two cabinets above the computer house lots and lots of cookbooks. It's overflowing, actually!

This next pic is the view from in front of the fridge. I really, really love my kitchen. It is so spacious. I love the amount of cabinet space and counter space I have! There are, however, a few modifications that Jack and I have talked about making. I don't think it will be anytime soon, but when we can afford it, we plan on getting Quartz countertops (not Granite...Quartz is much sturdier, and less maintenance), a glass backsplash, and a pot rack that hangs over the island!

Oh, btw...the pumpkins in the corner are for carving...3 for home and one is going to Lily's classroom for a project.

In the pic below you can see the table and new clock on the wall. I love that clock. It's so big! We used to have a tiny clock hanging on that big wall and it looked so empty. I love how my kitchen is open to the rest of the house. It is the hangout room whenever we entertain!

I hate having things out on my counters. I prefer to see as little as possible. If I had my way, the coffee maker and mixer would be out of sight, but Jack uses the coffee maker daily and gets annoyed when I put it away. And, I have used the mixer a few times lately, so I've left it out.

I also think that we will upgrade our appliances in a year or two and we'll get stainless steel. For now, these are doing just fine!

Last night I decided to make up my own new creation. I had planned to make pork chops, warm apples and veggies for dinner, but I had about 5 jalapenos from my garden sitting on the counter and I needed to do something with them. So, I made plain pork chops for the kids, but when I cooked the chops for Jack and me, I sauteed them with some diced apples and jalapenos. It gave them a really great, spicy flavor! The carmelized apples almost tasted onion-y in combination with the peppers! If you like jalapenos, give it a try.
The warm apples I make often. I just boil about 3 chopped, unpeeled apples with a quarter cup of apple juice, a handful of brown sugar and lots of cinnamon. If you like precise measurements when cooking, then you won't want to follow my recipes, because I am a measure-as-you-go, eye-ball-it kind of girl!

Lily was in charge of dessert yesterday. She said it was for our anniversary. (Yesterday was our 13th anniversary)! My friend Pam recommended a cooking website called Baked Bree (http://bakedbree.com/). She had this cute Halloween parfait idea. Lily and I made it our own. We layered the following things: Reese's Puffs cereal, whipped cream, butterscotch pudding, candy corn, and orange sprinkles!

After making the parfaits in mini-glasses, we had some left over, so Lily wanted to make some in tall clear glasses, but they didn't fill to the top. So, she decided those two glasses would be for her and Matt and she added some banana, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries to fill the glasses...

We had an observer while we cooked...Hi, Astro!

When Jack came home he surprised me with roses...

Earlier in the day, the kids were bored since it was Columbus Day and there was no school. So, I drew a hopscotch on the sidewalk (and hurt my heel jumping on it with no shoes).

The boys were being stinkers...

While Zoey napped, I helped the girls use some fabric scraps to make matching outfits for their American Girl dolls...

Come back to see us soon. I plan to take more pics of our dinners and share recipes with you...


  1. Oh my goodness, your kitchen is gorgeous! I love all the natural light that comes in and how open the room is.

  2. Woo hoo. Martha Michelle Stewart, I do declare, that is some fancy fare! Since you are obviously not missing the classroom, can you whip me up a sweet little canvas like the one in your sunroom, but with sunflowers for my kitchen? I could always use another sunflower (giggle) but want to get in before I have to pay big bucks for your brand name line coming to stores soon!!!

  3. I WISH I had your kitchen, mine is a teeny tiny galley kitchen! I love that you are doing the recipe thing, yay yay yay! I am going to have fun following this! I love your parfaits, I can't wait to make ours:)



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