Monday, October 11, 2010

Pumpkins & Teeth

Well, it finally happened...Lily lost her very first tooth! It had been loose for quite some time, and finally came out! The tooth fairy brought her $5 for this very first tooth!!! Quite exciting!!!

Yesterday, on 10-10-10, we decided to take a trek out to St. Charles to our favorite pumpkin patch! The kids had so much fun on the rides, but the weather was sooo unseasonably warm. It reached into the 90's...much too warm to be with swarms of people at the patch! It was the most crowded I've ever seen it! So, we didn't stay very long, but we got in lots of fun while we were there...
That is Matt spinning himself silly!

Little Baby Z on the carousel. She refuses to say the word "horse." She will only call them "neighs." It's pretty cute!

Lily had a great time with the animals in the petting zoo! She petted every animal possible!

I told them to make "serious" faces for this one. Heeheehee

I thought this one looked cool in b&w!

She's trying to look like the Frankenstein behind her. LOL

3 Scarrrrry Monsterssss!

The real pony ride was much more fun than the carousel!

I tried to get just one pic of the three of them looking at the camera, sitting in the pumpkin patch and this one above is the best of the bunch. Oh well....that's what you get when you throw an almost 2 year old into the batch!

This one is cute!

Pumpkins...bongos...they are all the same, aren't they?


  1. Very cute!! What's the going rate on the prices for rides these days at sonny acres? It's been a while since we have been there! Looks like lots of new rides to match the ponies and pumpkins! Fun fun fun. Keep them this little, Shel!

  2. $5 from the tooth fairy?! gotta love inflation. ;)

  3. Awesome patch pictures-love the 3 monsters one:)

    Yay for Lil losing a tooth!! Man, I just got a quarter;)



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