Wednesday, October 6, 2010

October's Scrappy Style

I'm often asked, "Shel, what is your scrapping style?" OK, OK...I'm not asked very often, but I have been asked the question. I don't know that I can describe it very well.

I really love the look of things layered on a page...Like this one called "The Little Guy." It's kind of a mix of clean and simple, yet has the layered look.

However, I love the look of ripped edges and inked papers and that "rustic, dirty, aged" feel too...sort of like this layout called, "Draw My Face."

But I love the look of white space on the layout know what I mean by white space, right? It's not necessarily "white," but blank space that allows your eye to rest on the page and prevents that cluttered feeling...sort of like this one on my "Gather" layout below.

But I also adore those blocked layouts where everything lies neatly in rows or blocks on the page, keeping your focus on the pic, or the journaling like this one, "Goggles."

I also like when lots of embellies are grouped together to evoke a message to the viewer. Like in this layout below called, "Note to Self," I have little messages like the Superman sticker, a puzzling math problem, butterflies, a today post-it note...

Again, layers upon layers, ink on top of ink...throw in some rub-ons, tickets, a torn map...

A fun take on a layout that I loved on the Studio Calico blog... bits and pieces of my beauty...

I don't think I can characterize my style, however when my friends see my layouts, I'm often told that they are very "me." How would you characterize my scrapping style?


  1. Hmmm, not sure what to call your style, but your pages are all so very you! You are always rocking the embellishments that is for sure!!

  2. hmmm i would say your style is clean ( all those grids and straigt cut lines), distressed (the "dirty" inky ripped edges). you tend to use alot of pink tones ... earthy tones (its the 2 girls that have you all pinked out). and expiremental, you always add something to it that is unexpected. i know not and easily classified style but its a star.



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