Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October Begins

October has begun and as is common for Chicagoland weather, we have gone from summer to fall in a day and are supposed to be back in summer-like 80 degree temps by next weekend. Unlike the rest of the country, we keep our winter, summer, fall and spring clothes out all year because you never know what season the weather will be each day! So, the kids decided that we should take out our outdoor Halloween decorations this past weekend. (The indoor decor and window decorations have been up for about two weeks already!)

Jack and I took a break from the decorating to pose for this self-timed pic! Cute, no?

Here are our "semi-scary" decorations. Lily picked out the tarantula, web and new skull and cross bones sign! The scarecrows are from last year. Each one represents a kid and this year we didn't have any tantrums about whose scarecrow was taller than the others! Thankfully!

The next few pictures are backwards (the finished product is first)...I got this idea from my friend Pam, who posted pics of her daughter creating a gingerbread haunted house. Lily and I found a kit at JoAnns and decided to get it. The kids did a good job decorating it, didn't they?

The sign in front of the house was Lil's idea. It says Beware!! The grass is green food coloring + shredded coconut!

Displaying the finished house...

The cans are out because we were using them to prop up the sides of the house while it dried.

Look at my hands...the orange frosting just exploded on me...Yuck!

Despite the fact that none of us look like we are having fun here, we did.
Earlier that day, Lily participated in her first homecoming parade. She and her Daisy troop marched in the Lincoln Way North parade! It was so cold, but the girls were so cheerful and excited about passing out candy to people in the crowd!

This was in front of the high school before we left.

Lily got to hold the American flag!
She found Daddy, Matt and Zoey in the crowd and gave them some candy! :)

This was near the end of the route. They marched about a half mile.

Next weekend the Daisies will be participating in an annual Scarecrow Fest. Looks like it will be fun! Stay tuned for more pics...


  1. Your Halloween decorations are awesome! I didn't even know they made gingerbread haunted houses! Very cool!

  2. Girl, your hair is getting so long! I didn't realize it because you has it pulled up when I saw you last! I don't think I've ever seen it so long on you in all the years I've known you! I really think it is cute!! Time for some halloweeny costume that requires long braided hair!! I vote pippy longstocking!!

  3. That IS a cute picture of you and J, but you guys always take the best pictures! So glad you did a gingerbread house! I have to do another one this year!
    P.S. I think you definitely look like you have lost weight! Looking good Mama!



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