Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Starting September with a Bang!

I have been on a scrapping streak since September started. I'm going to attribute it to the cooler temps. They have been helping Zoey to nap a little bit longer than usual, so I have a bit more free time to scrap. I have been averaging about 3 layouts during her naps. I've also become a bit more dilligent about working out everyday and the cooler temps are helping me with that too! I bought some excellent running shoes and have set out to run for at least 30-45 minutes a day! I don't always run. We went for a nice long family bike ride the other day, and I also like to take Zoey for some scenic walks too!

Nevertheless...I'm hoping that between the exercise and the extra scrap tme, the state of my mental health should be vastly improved! :)

Here are the layouts that I've started off the month of September with...

Despite the falling temps, we put the heater on the pool, but apparently it wasn't warm enough for these brave little souls. Can you see how blue their lips are? LOL

I call this one, "THE SHIVERS..." hehehe...
Just some fun pics I took while playing around with my aperature and shutter speeds the other day at dusk..
This one is the dirty rubber ducky from the sandbox, but I thought it was a cool shot...

My pink lillies at the end of the summer... I really like how the blue ball rolled into the pick and the shabby looking deck in the background. What do you think I can do with this pic?

Of course, I think this one is a beautiful keeper. You can't really see her scars in this one. They are starting to fade. I'm hoping that one day we won't see them at all.

I'll leave you with something to make you smile. Lily and Maddy were watching Toy Story 2 the other day. At the end of the movie are some "Outtakes" that had them in stitches. I had to replay this part of the movie and grab the camera to catch these cute little giggles in action...

...and yes...that is Butterscotch the Guinea Pig sitting on Maddy's lap during the movie....

Those giggles just make me smile.


  1. These are so cute! I love the graph paper apple on the first layout. Did you make that?

  2. You sure are! Love all your new stuff, looks like I need to mae i in your gallery for closer look on some of these;) Go you for running!! I so need to add some exercise into my routine!

    Send me that pic ofthe lillies and the ball, I wanna try something. Maybe you could do a page about the end of summer with it??



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