Friday, September 10, 2010

My OH-SO Crazy Girl!

Today I was driving Lily and Zoey to pick up some dinner (since Jack was working late and Matt was at a ball game) and Lily says to me:

Mom, if I only had one eye would I be able to see everything with the other eye?

Me: Why are you asking me this, Lil? Is it because you aren't wearing your glasses and you can't see well?

L: No, it's because of this girl in my class.

Me: What's wrong with her?

L: She only has one eye. Her eye ball fell out.

M: WHAT? There is a girl in your class who lost an eye? What happened?

L: She stabbed herself in the eyeball with a pencil and lost an eyeball!

Me: Oh my God! Are you serious? That's awful! Lily, that is the most horrible story I've ever heard! Does she wear glasses or a patch?

L: Sigh...oh, Mom...I'm just making this story up. There's no girl in my class with one eye!

Me: Argh!! Six year old girls! Argh!



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