Monday, August 16, 2010

Pumping It Up

Had some crafty fun using up some embellies from a few kits I bought recently: Scrapbook Circle and Studio Calico.
Since the summer is winding down and the kids are getting ready to go back to school (in 3 days...can't wait!)...I decided to take them for one last jump at Pump It Up.
Matt learned some new tricks with hula-hoops...

Zoey had her first experience on a jump with the help of her big sis...

But Z spent most of her time riding around in style...(and stealing it out from under other toddlers)...

Hoping for a few more fun experiences before school starts back up!


  1. FUN!!! I wish there was something like that around here...the closest one is about an hour and is kinda nasty...

  2. ah, it has been a while seen we hit one of these. It's hard to swallow how fast the time really does fly! Just look at that little (almost) two year old you have there...she is stretching! Maybe going to get Daddy's height, huh?

  3. oh make it stop shel...make it stop.. hehehee...seriously...isn't it unreal how fast this is going? I agree with your comment on my's so cliche...but time certainly flies! Glad to see you scrapping!



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