Friday, August 6, 2010

Kids, Kids and More Kids...

If you don't want to see pics of my kids, you best not continue reading, because you are about to see lots of pics of them.

First off is Lily's new hairdo...I love it!

And Matt's cute new haircut....doesn't look much different than it always does...LOL

and my hysterically-laughing baby....isn't she precious?...I know I'm a little biased...

I tried so hard to get her to pose with her two favorite stuffed animals...Melmo and Melmo. LOL That's how she says Elmo. I lovvvvvve it! She also says Gover for Grover, BeeBer for Big Bird, Nernie for Ernie! It's so stinkin' cute!

I haven't had a good pic of the three of them in awhile so I tried really hard to just get one good pic...No such luck...but for your viewing pleasure you can see the outtakes, which are pretty cute, but just not frame-worthy...

There's always next month....See you then.


  1. your pictures of all three of them are cute. you have to try a different aproach. :) good luck on that one, mine lame i let the kids have like 10 funny face picture outtakes and ask for some serious faces, and in the mix of it all will ask for a "normal" smile here and there .... lots of goofy outtake but i can usually get one or two with all the kids smiling and looking normal. its usually what i do with the cousin pictures i take (8 kids) but the hard part to your mix is zoey ... little ones dont always listen :)

  2. I think when we want them most to pose pretty they have that inner attack of the sillies - take those smiles and tell that story!

  3. I am so loving the new do's, I can't believe how long Z's hair is getting. I am loving the pictures, so so so cute...I especially LOVE the one where Z and L are just cracking up at each other and you can see a big person hand keeping her from moving off, lol!

    Hey, at least your kids look at the camera...seems like when I say look at the camera, in typical kid fashion, they look somewhere else, lol!

    Anyways, super cute pics and kiddos as always;)



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