Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Good Times with Family from Near and Far

A couple weekends ago my aunt Peg had the family over for a barbecue. My grandpa and his wife, Lee, came in from Arizona. My aunt, Cindy and her three kids, Hannah (with new baby Seth), Nathan (with pregnant wife, Brit) and Laura came in from St. Louis. The Weirs, Sianos and Vizdals came from Tinley Park. It was nice to have everyone together!

It wouldn't be a BBQ at aunt Peg's without one of my children breaking one of her frogs. She collects frogs, displays them outside and for some reason, one of kids manages to accidentally break one every time we are at her house!

A bean bag tournament took place...

And of course, indoor, we all took a turn holding the new baby cousin and passing him around.

Great Grandpa with his 11th great grand child: Seth!

Matt's had a lot of practice at this...

So cute...

My cousins from St. Louis...

We decided to throw all the kids into the pool!

Good decision!

Aw! Sibling LOVE!

Back at home I tried to get my three love birds to pose for just one picture. It's been awhile since I got a cute one of the three of them. Obviously...this was the one pic that was semi-decent.

And now Zoey has had enough and would not sit any longer...Oh well! I'll have to try again another day!


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  2. Yeah St. Louis! That's where I'm from! Are your cousins originally from there? Trademark STL question: What high school did they go to? lol

  3. Gotta love family + BBQ = good times!

    Zoey is SO big and sweet! Love Lil's ponytails, too! I'm glad I don't have to pose three!!!

  4. Awww, Z is so stinkin' cute, how on earth could you ever get mad at that face, lol? I'm with Candi, I can barely get 2 to pose (heck, can't even get one most of the time, lol!).

    Fun times with your family too, yay! Hope you have a relaxing, fun weekend this weekend!!!



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