Friday, July 16, 2010

Too cute to not share this...

Just had to share this cute photo of Zoey that I took yesterday. She found this hat in Lily's "dress-up clothes" box and put it on. She was walking around the house with it covering her eyes and she was bumping into things. It was so cute!!
Lily wanted to help me create yesterday, so she sat down on my lap as I was about to begin a page using this pic. She wanted to help me pic out the papers and add all the embellies. It's not exactly my typical style, but I love that she helped and she even wanted her name on it as the "creator" ...LOL

That's all for now. Hopping into the pool on this 90+ degree day!!


  1. that hat look SOOOO much like a hat Aly found in San Miguel de Allende a couple weeks back! I love how the brightness makes that cute face POP!

    add some ice cubes to that pool...IT's a HOT one!

  2. that is too too too cute! :) some great photos that you scrapped!


  3. More great pages! I love that L wanted to help you. LOVE that pic of Z-sooooo precious!



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