Monday, July 19, 2010

Meet our newest family members...

As most of you reading this know, I have some pretty severe allergies. I take meds everyday just so I can breathe freely in my own home. Unfortunately I am allergic to couple of our family members (No....not Jack and the least not all the time). I am allergic to our two cats: Cleo and Alley. We have been seriously talking about bringing them to a cat farm or a no kill shelter so I can live in my own home without suffering. There are other reasons we are thinking of getting rid of them too...they are getting older, having accidents, waking us up in the middle of the night etc...

However, I don't think that either Jack or I will be able to do it. Even Lily said the other day that she hopes the cats can die in peace at home where they will be comfortable. Pretty deep for a 6 year old, no?

So, in order to help our children prove that they are responsible, and to give them a goal of earning a reward for positive behavior, we started a reward system. The reward for this cycle was a gold fish.

I thought Jack was going to take the kids to the pet store and return with two little glass bowls and a fish in each. However, yesterday he returned with two fresh water aquariums, 2 bags of rocks, so plants and fish food. After running the water through the filters for a few hours, they went back out to choose the fish.

Matt chose some variety of goldfish that will eventually grow to be pretty large. The pet shop employee said that he can only fit one of these in his aquarium without it being too crowded. He was going back and forth about what to name the fish...Silver? Shiny? Slimy? He finally settled on Silvey. Here is Silvey. I think he is going to triple or quadruple in size...
Lily took the term goldfish literally and would only purchase a fish that was gold-colored. She picked out two babies that will not grow much. She named hers Goldilocks and Goldie. Original? Not so much! LOL

The smaller one is Goldilocks. Lily says Goldilocks also has a red birthmark on her tummy. I'm not exactly sure how she knows that.

Welcome to the family guys, or girls...May you not get eaten by our cats and may you keep my children feeling like responsible owners of animals!


  1. My kind of pet!! No major training nor mess, all the while great little animals to add to a family! I adore the pink rock in lily's tank!!

  2. The tanks are too cute! I love the names too:)



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