Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Baby Sister's 21st

So, my baby sister turned 21 this past week! It's hard to believe. She was only one when Jack and I started dating. It's kind of weird. She has only known me with Jack. Can't believe how time has just flown right by...
We took her out to a Mexican restaurant for margaritas to celebrate and afterwards had some cake...

Lily had a little cake on her face courtesy of her Godmother....

Check out the cake...covered in beer cans and champagne bottles...LOL

Happy 21st, Steff! It's only downhill from here... LOL
On another note, I tried out a new technique this week and can I say...I hated it!!?!?!?!
I saw these cute accordian folded flowers in a magazine and wanted to create them. First of all, I cut them the wrong size, then the glue would not hold them together, then they were too thick (because I made the folds to wide). Ugh! Never again!!! They did turn out pretty though, didn't they?

I've used this layout design before, and I love it!

This one was kind of fun and funky... to the pool!


  1. so yeah i think i'll avoid those flowers too, they do look cool though. like the layout with your son too ... and i totally just forgot his nane, ugh,

  2. I really like the accordion flowers you did! I saw some in one of the new American Crafts product lines and was like "must have" but if they are somewhat easy to make, maybe I'll just do that...

  3. Hmmm.I need you to SHOW me these flowers. I wanna touch 'em, but I know what you mean...when something is that painful you DON'T want to repeat it.

    Happy belated to Steph! TIME sure does fly!

  4. Love the flowers, but they do look like a pain:) Happy birthday to your sister! I kinda know what you mean...I remember Shaun letting my sister drive his car around his neighborhood when she was 15 and now she just turned 25-time def. flies!!! I have GOT to make it in your gallery soon!!!



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