Friday, June 11, 2010

Fun with Pics

Experimented taking pics in different lights today. Started indoor with this violet. Then went outside to capture some of my purple petunias...

And of course, some lillies. I have some huge lillies that should be blooming soon.

The garden looks really dry in this pic, but it's actually really damp from all of the rain we've been getting. In the back corner you can see the green onion and cucmbers. In the foreground are the tomatoes and peppers, strawberries, basils, cilantros and eggplant.

Despite the rain, the kids have been in the pool every single day for the past 2 weeks! They haven't missed a single opportunity to swim. This cutie would not keep her hat on for me. Then after a while of being outside in the sun, she picked up the hat and put in on her head (obviously, it's not on all the way) and I was able to snap this pic...

The Mermaid was in the pool...

Along with her attacker...

Can you see her fins?

And a rare hug for the camera...


  1. So fun, I wish we had a pool, we would be in it all the time too! Where did you get Lily's fins? Those are so cute!! Your green onions look gigantic! I wish you could send me some of your fresh produce, lol!

  2. I bet today was the BEST! THese crazy up and down temps are driving me nuts! Enjoy it for every minute there is though!



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