Monday, June 28, 2010

The Bird Club and the Balloon Launch

This weekend began on a sad note. Lily, Matt, Maddy and Kyle were playing outside in the yard, when they spotted a baby bird in the lawn. I assume it fell out of its nest and was hurt because it wasn't trying to fly away. The kids picked it up and decided they were going to nurse it back to health. Lily came into the house to get a "cage." As you can see below, it wasn't really a cage, but it served its purpose.

Matt came in and asked me to supply a shallow dish of water so the bird could have a drink or take a bath. I don't think I'll be serving any food in that dish ever again.

Maddy decided to name the bird Clara. They went with that name for a little while until Lily could not remember it anymore, so she changed the bird's name to Cutie. The kids tried feeding it some bread. Cutie wasn't really eating or drinking. It did jump in and out of the bowl of water, but that was the most movement it supplied.

An hour or two later every kid in the neighborhood was on our front porch taking a turn holding the bird.

The kids decided that they would call themselves the Bird Club and were going on an adventure to look for more birds to add to their pet collection. LOL

One little neighbor girl brought over her real bird cage and some bird food and Cutie got to spend some time in that cage.

I had to leave the house to go to a party and when I returned a few hours later the bird was no where in sight. I asked Jack where Cutie was and he said that the bird didn't make it. He helped the kids dig a whole in the backyard and bury the bird. He said they had a little service and said a few prayers for Cutie.

The next day we tried hard to keep their minds off of the bird. We started with a 3-D coloring book. Zoey tried on the glasses...

Then we headed over to the local Children's Museum for their two year anniversary party. Zoey donned a fireman's hat. I love her face here...

Matt played with Zoey in the little store set-up.

I love how her little legs look so short under the table.

To celebrate the anniversary of the museum, they passed out 250 balloons and had a New Year's Eve-style countdown before the launch.

Lily had never been to a launch before and wasn't happy that the point of the launch was to let go of your balloon, so she decided to hang on to hers and take it home.

There were lots of cheers but also a few tears in the crowd. It was funny to hear little ones sobbing because their balloons were floating away. Zoey gave a little boo-hoo, but liked looking at the colors soaring across the sky.

It's always an adventure around here.

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  1. I love the balloon pictures, so cool! That is such a sweet but sad story about the bird, I love that they wanted to start a club!



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