Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lazy Summer Days

We've been spending lots of time in the pool this summer. The weather has been perfect and now that our heater is working, we can enjoy the pool again, even on cool nights. Here are a few of the fun pics I've taken so far this summer...

Zoey's new pool toy...a girlie bus! She loves it! It keeps her shaded and she has fun climbing in and out!

The kids have a habit of jumping out of the pool and onto the play set...

Love this series of action shots....

Isn't it convienient that I'm always behind the camera during swimsuit season. LOL
Gotta love summer!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Bird Club and the Balloon Launch

This weekend began on a sad note. Lily, Matt, Maddy and Kyle were playing outside in the yard, when they spotted a baby bird in the lawn. I assume it fell out of its nest and was hurt because it wasn't trying to fly away. The kids picked it up and decided they were going to nurse it back to health. Lily came into the house to get a "cage." As you can see below, it wasn't really a cage, but it served its purpose.

Matt came in and asked me to supply a shallow dish of water so the bird could have a drink or take a bath. I don't think I'll be serving any food in that dish ever again.

Maddy decided to name the bird Clara. They went with that name for a little while until Lily could not remember it anymore, so she changed the bird's name to Cutie. The kids tried feeding it some bread. Cutie wasn't really eating or drinking. It did jump in and out of the bowl of water, but that was the most movement it supplied.

An hour or two later every kid in the neighborhood was on our front porch taking a turn holding the bird.

The kids decided that they would call themselves the Bird Club and were going on an adventure to look for more birds to add to their pet collection. LOL

One little neighbor girl brought over her real bird cage and some bird food and Cutie got to spend some time in that cage.

I had to leave the house to go to a party and when I returned a few hours later the bird was no where in sight. I asked Jack where Cutie was and he said that the bird didn't make it. He helped the kids dig a whole in the backyard and bury the bird. He said they had a little service and said a few prayers for Cutie.

The next day we tried hard to keep their minds off of the bird. We started with a 3-D coloring book. Zoey tried on the glasses...

Then we headed over to the local Children's Museum for their two year anniversary party. Zoey donned a fireman's hat. I love her face here...

Matt played with Zoey in the little store set-up.

I love how her little legs look so short under the table.

To celebrate the anniversary of the museum, they passed out 250 balloons and had a New Year's Eve-style countdown before the launch.

Lily had never been to a launch before and wasn't happy that the point of the launch was to let go of your balloon, so she decided to hang on to hers and take it home.

There were lots of cheers but also a few tears in the crowd. It was funny to hear little ones sobbing because their balloons were floating away. Zoey gave a little boo-hoo, but liked looking at the colors soaring across the sky.

It's always an adventure around here.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Messy Summer Fun

Summer vacation has just begun for my babies and the trouble has started already. Look at this Terrible-Almost-Two-Year-Old in action! She has started the climbing phase and has decided to try climbing on absolutely everything she can get her chubby little legs up on!!! Here she is caught in the action at the kitchen table... And by the desk...

But then she flashes this cute little grin, which melts my heart and I cannot be mad at her for climbing!!

To keep the kiddos entertained and engaged in something other than tv or video games, I cracked out the Arts and Crafts books and made some homemade Oobleck. If you have never experimented with Oobleck, you must! Especially if you have kids. It is neither a solid nor a liquid and is so fun to play with. Dr. Seuss has a book to go along with the recipe. I think it's called Bartholemew and the Oobleck, or something like that!

Lily wanted hers to be pink, so I added some red food coloring.

Matt wanted his to be blue.

Then a while later, we made some homemade No-Cook Playdough. I think it was a combo of flour, salt, cornstarch, water and food coloring.

It was a bit sticky as you can see, but so fun for a kid with tactile sensitivities!! (And one without)!

The next page in the Arts and Crafts book was about making your own face paint, but it called for cold cream, which I did not have, so instead of making it, Jack took Lil out to buy some face paint. (It was cheaper too!)
Her first victim was her BFF...

Then Lily got an angel painted on her face!

Dad let Lily make herself into Rainbow Care Bear! LOL

Then it was my turn...

The concentration involved was intense...

Awww...aren't we cute?

Jack wanted to be a pirate, but Lily had trouble mixing the colors and created purple instead of brown. LOL


Can't wait to see what we'll get into next week!

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Children's Farm at the Center

Saturday was a cloud, semi-rainy, humid day around here. We were looking for something to do that would occupy and interest all three kids. We tossed around the idea of going to the children's museum, Adler Planetarium or the Museum of Science and Industry, but we didn't feel like making the trek all the way downtown in the rain, so we decided to stay close to home and head over to the Children's Farm at the Center, which is only about 10-15 minutes from our house. We had only been there once before to go to my aunt's wedding, but didn't know that they had this whole other section for kids.

It's a real working farm, with local teenagers as volunteers. All three kids had a blast and the rain held off the whole time we were there. Lily was so excited to see horses! They usually offer pony rides for the kids, but today they were short on volunteers (even though we were the only visitors on the farm).

They let you go into every animal pen and touch the animals! Zoey had a blast!

Matt loved cuddling with this chicken. He also got to hold a goose, a duck, a bunny and lots of chicks.

The lambs were freshly sheared.
The newborn baby pigs were named: Dumbo, Jumbo and Gumbo and were bigger than Lily!

I loved the brightness of the comb on this rooster's head.
Check out the 'do on this duck's head...

Love this pic...

Took my own little photowalk around the barn and found a few cool shots...

An owl carved into a tree...

We will definitely be going back there again this summer!


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