Saturday, April 24, 2010

A WEEK IN MY LIFE - Day Three (Friday)

Friday started with just a little bit of torture. Our cats are typical cats...don't like to be around people unless it's on their own terms. However, Lily, being the animal-lover that she is, decides that the cats should play with her all the time. So, she searched the house for Alley, threw her in this gift bag and carried the fat cat around the house for a few hours before school! While the kids played, I made some waffles for breakfast. I've had this waffle maker for about 13 years and I love it!
While I was making breakfast, I also decided to get started on lunch and dinner. I threw some carrots, onions, celery and potatoes in the crock pot with a whole, seasoned chicken on top.

After lunch I also took the chicken bones and created my own homemade stock for chicken noodle soup. (Which was our dinner and it was yummy!)

This little machine gets a workout EVERY single morning. I am not a coffee drinker since I am allergic to caffeine, but Jack loves his coffee...and is miserable to live with if he doesn't get it.

After breakfast I washed the dishes. This is my view out the kitchen window. The foreground is my garden (which currently is only housing my green onion). The background is my neighbors' beautiful porch.

Time to scrub down the entire kitchen from top to bottom, starting with the stove!

Kids are off to school; Zoey is napping; Jack ran to an appointment and I finally get a few minutes to relax. I sit down to watch my favorite cook, Rachel, whip up a little sumthin' sumthin'!

Yes, it's noon and I'm finally finding time to take a shower. I'm blow drying my hair in the powder room instead of my bathroom because I don't want to wake up Zoey. If I don't dry my hair right away it gets crimpy. Yuck!

This is what I wish I was doing right now ^

Guess who's up from her nap? She's got her Woobie in one hand and her binky in her mouth. Those two items are absolutely essential for any naps to take place!

Brought Zoey into the kitchen for lunch and I put on this playlist while I fed her. I burned this list onto 2 cds for my friends Lorri and Maureen. I will give them these cds later tonight as a little gift.

Jack's back and he's working from home.

Time to make sure I have my camera in my purse because I'm about to head out the door to Matt's school. I got this purse at my purse party last month. Isn't it cute?

We are in the audience and ready for the performance to begin.

Matt played Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk in the musical "The Granny Awards." It was THE BEST school play I have ever seen by a group of second graders -- and I've seen a lot of plays!
Matt had a solo in the play. I'll post the video of him singing on another day. He was so good!!!

Here is the cast of the show with Ms. Coverick, their teacher.

Back at home. Zoey wanted to play one of her favorite things...blocks. Although, her favorite part of playing blocks is walking around the house with the plastic container on her head. She thinks she's funny! (She is!)

Carried two baskets of laundry at once to save time.

Checked the calendar to see what else was happening today. This is our family calendar which hangs on the fridge and is our bible. I also have a calendar/date book that I use for work and would be lost without it!

Time to change my clothes for this evening. I put on my favorite jeans. The mirror is covered with baby finger prints. I need to clean it.

I'm a bit of a jean freak! I love them! This is what is left after I gave away about 15 pairs to Good Will! I know...too many!

Zoey toddled into Matt's room and wanted to play with his Matchbox cars.

A little more torture going on....

Matt is playing Wii - Lego Rock Band. He is a really good singer!

Dad is trying to be like Zoey. Goof ball!

After dinner, the kids want to begin Family Movie Night. The winner of the previous night's vote was Lilo and Stitch. (That's what I voted for!) These are their usual seats. Matt loves to sit on the floor. I don't get it. My butt would fall asleep.

Right before going out for the night, my camera battery died, so I had to charge the battery for my Canon and take my p&s (Nikon) with me. The rest of the pics will be from that camera.

Lorri and I are in the car, headed to Naperville.

We went to listen to one of our favorite bands: Midnight.

Lorri, Maureen and I posed for a pic before we started dancing! I got home around 12:45 and hit the sack! Gotta get up early tomorrow to take Lily and Gracie to dance class.


  1. There's nothing better than a well-rounded day! Kids and chores followed by some ME time is AWESOME!

  2. Holy moly-you did so awesome today!! Did you ever even get to breathe, lol?! I agree with Candi...after that long day, you def. needed some girl time!



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