Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Week in My Life - Day One

Scrapbooking guru Ali Edwards has once again challenged her followers to participate in documenting a week in their life. The challenge consists of taking pictures of the mundane, ordinary and extraordinary moments that make up our lives in order to learn a little something about ourselves along the way.

So, with some encouragment from my friends Pam, Jakki, and Candi, I've decided to embark on the project beginning today: 4-21-10. Although today is not any ordinary day (it's Lil's birthday), I felt it was the perfect day to begin. I am posting about 30 pictures for today, which is an awful lot, but I think its because today was a particularly special day. I have a feeling that the rest of my week won't have this many photos.

So, our day started with...what else? Breakfast. Jack, Matt and Lily were up before me. While I was in the shower, the three of them ate cereal. Jack had to leave for work early this morning, so he wanted to eat with Lily before he left for work. Normally we would all eat together, but I didn't mind since I had a lot of other things to do today. Which cereal do you think Lily chose today? Yep...Lucky Charms! Her favorite!
I turned on the tv to my favorite morning news station: WGN -Channel 9 so I could find out what the weather would be like today. The forecast: cold. It was only a high of about 60*.

Next, I made Matt and Lily's lunches. I don't make sandwiches often, but their thermoses were in the sink and hadn't been washed, so today they got PB&J, a chocolate whipped yogurt and an apple. I always try to give them three things in their lunch boxes, even though they usually bring one thing back home. I like them to at least have three options.

While I was making the lunches, Lily was playing on the kitchen computer.

When finished, I had to go into the laundry room to put the kids' lunch boxes into their backpacks which hang on the hooks that Jack installed about a month ago.

Then it was time to walk to the bus stop.

When I came back from the bus stop I remembered that the kids were supposed to stir the water in their Sea Monkey tanks. The directions said to stir for 4 days and feed on the 5th. Tomorrow they get to add some food. Can you see the little fellers swimming in there? No? Don't worry, I can barely see them too!

The Sea Monkeys are sitting on the counter right next to the sink. I looked down and realized that I had to wash some dishes. Chore #1. Oh, joy!

When I finished I realized that Zoey was ready for her nap. I layed her down and came back to dry the dishes. My laptop was on the counter on the other side of the sink, so when I finished I decided that I wanted to make some changes to my blog.

If you know me well, you know that I am a planner and a constant list-maker. So, knowing that I was going to go shopping after Zoey's nap, I made my shopping list.

About 2.5 hours later, Zoey woke up and she was hungry! Today's lunch snack started with some torn turkey pieces.

Can you guess who ate next? Alley and Cleo.

I threw in a load of laundry, which I really need to do everyday to try to keep up with clothes for 5 people.

Had to water my plants. I wish I did this on a regular basis. When I remember, I water them every other day, but since my memory is not that great anymore, I sometimes go 4-5 days without watering them. Despite that, most of my plants are in good shape. These are just a few. My sunroom is actually filled with them. I love having fresh plants!

What's a day without paying some bills? Yuck!

Zoey and I decided it was time to go shopping! We bought food for the rest of the week, Lily's b-day gifts and some party decorations.

I had to wrap the gifts right away because Lily would be coming home from school shortly. There were two gifts from Mommy, two from Daddy, one from Matt and one from Zoey.

I also put up a few decorations - some streamers and a happy birthday banner!

When Lily came home from school, she wanted to decompress by playing with her Bratz dolls. Everyone of these dolls was a hand-me-down from Lily's friend Jordan. Jordan brought these over a few days ago after she cleaned out her closet. Lily loves to get her old books and toys.

While Lily and Mommy played dolls, Zoey watched Elmo's Adventures in Grouchland.

A little while later, Matt came home from school and unfortunately encountered a pirate with a pistol. Poor Matt.

Guess who rang the doorbell? Lily's BFF, Maddy. I think they are mermaids right now trying to escape from the evil witch.

When Daddy came home from work, Lily wanted him to sit down to look at the printed pics from our vacation. I stuck them in an album for safe keeping until I can find time to scrap them.

I'm always getting attacked by someone. Today it was #1 and #2.

Each year on our birthdays, we get to choose our favorite meal for our birthday dinner. This year Lily chose McDonald's. (Not my favorite, but it was her choice). Aunts Jackie, Alice and Steff came over to eat with us.

Here the Aunts are taking pics of Lily getting ready to blow out her birthday candles.

It took a few tries, but she got them all. When Matt helped her blow out the last candle, she got very upset, started crying and we had to relight all of the candles again and start all over. Ugh!

Presents! Presents! And more presents! This one was from Daddy (courtesy of my shopping trip, thank you very much). It was a Zhu Zhu pet baby stroller. Don't ask!

After a long night of celebrating, Zoey was ready to hit the sack around 7:45 (which is very late for her). She is usually in bed at 7 every night.

Each night Jack and I switch off putting the kids to sleep. Tonight was my turn with Zoey and Matt. After laying Zoey down, Matt got ready for bed and grabbed his newest chapter book,"Stink and World's Worst Super Stinky Sneakers." Stink is Judy Moody's little brother. He loves this series. He just finished reading another Stink story two nights ago. He's an outstanding reader....reads way beyond his years. Sorry for the bad pic, I took it with my left hand.

While I listened to Matt read, Jack read to Lily. She was exhausted from the exciting day, so they only read one story. She usually asks for three. She said she had a great birthday!
Tomorrow I'm chaperoning a field trip with Lily's class. That should bring some fun pics!


  1. Whatta day! I am glad Lily was able to enjoy a sweet birthday and the love of her family! Keep up the good work!

  2. Awesome! You did great! It isn't that bad, is it? I am glad Lil had such a good day:)



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