Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Week In My Life - Day Four (Saturday)

Saturdays give us a little more time for breakfast than weekdays, so Jack decided to make us a lovely Saturday breakfast of pancakes (with chocolate chips for the kids), scrambled eggs (not for me), corned beef hash (not for Lily) and bananas. I can't get the underline off of my font - sorry. After breakfast, Zoey decided to play in the toilet in the Master Bathroom. There was water everywhere! Jack cleaned up the mess! Thanks, honey!
After that disaster, Lily decided to dump out several dresser drawers while looking for just the right thing to wear! Of course this disaster would get cleaned up later in the day with some help from her parents!

Matt and Jack worked a bit on Matt's model car. They have been doing a little bit at a time for months on this car. Not sure if it'll ever get finished.

A bit more cat torture went on today. See the collar on Alley's neck? That belongs to Maddy's old dog who passed away a couple months ago. Maddy left it here one day while playing and Lily thought it would be fun to have Alley wear it. It didn't stay on for long.

I had to pick Gracie up for dance around 10:40 am. The little speck on the sidewalk is Matt riding his bike back home. He raced me to Grace's house. I let him win!
The girls rehearsed for the recital that will happen in about three weeks. They are doing one tap number to Shania Twain's "That Don't Impress Me Much," and one ballet number to "Hey, Baby" from the Dirty Dancing Soundtrack.

Lily and Grace are wiped out after dance class.
After dance it is time for lunch. Zoey did not want to SIT in her chair today.

I picked up Maddy and drove for 40 minutes to this special girlie place...

This is the "before" shot...

The festivities got started with a mani for both girls. This was one of the few smiles I got from Lily today. She was very crabby and a bit over-stimulated. She was quite difficult. My patients wore really thin today.

Pedis for the girls...

Lily kept telling her stylist that she wanted a braided up-do, but the poor stylist (I think her name was Val), kept telling Lily that he hair was too short for that. She pouted for most of the time she was getting her hair done.

The after shot...

Posing with some attitudes...

Of course, we left the store and drove for about 5 miles back towards home when Lily informed me that she forgot her present at the store (the one Maddy brought for her). So, I had to turn around and drive back to get it while listening to the girls argue in the backseat.

Back at home, the girls enjoyed pizza and Culver's concretes.

She was holding her nose because someone's breath smelled. Ugh! It's a joy having a child with overly sensitive senses.

The triplets came over to play. It was Matt's bright idea to use the stroller as a roller coaster car and the kids took turns riding in the stroller down the pitched driveway like a ride. The pool noodle is the harness. LOL

My husband sensed my frustration and got out the Mr. Boston book (a bartender's guidebook) and a few bottles to create a drink with. He ended up making some kind of Amaretto Sunrise or something like that. It was yummy.
After dinner, I went in my bathroom to cry a little. It was a stressful day and I took it out a lot on Lily who was being exceptionally challenging today. Didn't want any pics of that.

Apologizing for being a brat today (with a pool noodle as a shield?)
There are no pics of this, but Zoey didn't want to go to sleep and I ended up rocking her while watching the history channel for an hour. Jack went out to get a gallon of milk and came home with a Peanut Butter ice cream surprise for me. He said I needed it. LOL
I'm hoping tomorrow is a better day.


  1. your WITL album wouldn't be perfect if you didn't highlight the bad days too! HUGS!!!

  2. I here ya sister...something must have been in the water with crabby girls and babies that don't want to sleep! I love the songs that their dances will be to!

    Thank goodness for hubbies to make us feel better:D



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