Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Week in My Life - Day Five (Sunday)

Sundays are quite routine at our house. I'm embarrassed to say that church has not been one of our rituals in several years. Ever since Lily was born - (You all remember that she was an extremely challenging baby and was not easily soothed)- we stopped going to church.

So, the Sunday routine begins with the kids waking up around the usual time (6:00am). I get up and either start making breakfast, or Jack does. Today, he volunteered to be in charge of breakfast, so I started on my weekly grocery shopping list. Today's morning meal - french toast sticks, sausage and fruit.
After breakfast, Zoey sat down in Matt's comfy chair and watched an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in Matt's room.

While Zoey watched t.v., Matt worked on creating a Geo Tracks village. He hasn't played with these tracks in about six months, I don't know what made him want to drag these out of the closet. I don't mind. It keeps him quiet and forces him to use his imagination instead of staring at a computer screen. Speaking of computer screens, Lily hopped on over to Webkinz to create a room for her newest pet, Cheetah, the Bull Frog.

Daddy cleaned up after breakfast and got a healthy snack for Zoey.

Matt headed down to the basement, which will hopefully be finished in less than a year. (Only a couple years behind schedule).

After breakfast was cleaned up, I went for my Sunday morning grocery shopping trip. Total bill: $238.55.

I treated myself to a bouquet of daisies and a bouquet of carnations. Each was only 99 cents. I'm worth it, aren't I? I love fresh flowers on the table.

Zoey's lunch: some oatmeal with chicken and brown rice. I usually make her this if we are having something that she probably won't like. The kids each had grilled cheese and Jack and I had Polish breakfast sandwiches (radishes, tomato slices, cucumber slices and green onion on toast covered with cream cheese).
After lunch Jack and Matt went to Father-Son bowling for their last game of the session. Matt came home with a plaque for a job well done. He was so proud.
Today was the third cold, rainy day in a row. This crappy weather is starting to bring me down!

While the boys were gone, the girls and I had a chance to relax a bit. I actually got to sit down and read the paper for a few minutes. Not a lot of interesting news this week.

One missing sock -- not too unusual around here!

Lily wanted to know if Daddy loved her and the Magic 8 Ball informed her that it can't say no to her! Of course!

Zoey enjoyed some new snacks, but she was more enthralled with the box than the crackers.

Mommy and Lily did a little dancing while the boys were gone. I love that you can only see our silhouettes in this pic. Wish I wasn't wearing a baggy t-shirt and crappy jeans.

Zoey was so happy to see the boys back home again.

This is Lily's tush-cush. It is meant to provide some tactile stimulation to help her stay seated for meals. Unfortunately the novelty has worn off and she rarely sits on it anymore.

At 2:30 Jackie came over to babysit.

Jack drove my car to his dad's house so we could do some more work on it. I cannot wait until it is sold!

I taped and prepped the entire kitchen to be painted and cleaned the stove: inside and out. It was disgusting! I was actually gagging while doing it, but it's done.

Jack painted some more and took down the light fixtures so I could clean them.

When we got home the kids were wiped. Lily was falling asleep on the couch watching her Barbie Mermaid movie - again! We were wiped too and I didn't make the meal I was planning on making for dinner. I'm postponing it until tomorrow. Jack ran out and picked up some burgers for the kids and pork sandwiches for us. I hate eating late and going right to bed. We rarely do that, but tonight it was a must.

Matt read me another chapter from his Stink Moody book and he, Cleo and Blueberry snuggled in for bed.

After all 3 kids went to sleep, Jack and I snuggled on the couch and watched a Tivo'ed episode of Modern Family (our favorite comedy) and an old episode of the Biggest Loser. It was a much less stressful day. I'm actually looking forward to working tomorrow. I need a little break from the house and love some intellectual conversation. Goodnight, weekend.


  1. this is the normalcy everyone should enjoy. I'm thinking that these are the lessons we will learn most through this project - in the end we all come together to rest and THAT IS LOVE!

  2. Another long day...sometimes it is nice to not have to cook after those days. I love all the pictures, and we love those sesame street crackers over here too:D



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