Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Week in My Life - Day 7 (Tuesday)

Well, this is it. The end of my photographic journey. It's been a week and it's been a learning experience. I was hoping that the week would end on a high note. That this last day would be some sort of exciting ending to this journey. However it was an ordinary day with not too much excitement, but I guess it was a good illustration of what my life is really like.

As usual, Jack left for work early and did not have time to eat breakfast with us. The kids were up before 6am. Lily came into our room and abruptly woke Zoey up from her sweet little dreams. That forced me to get up and start my day by distracting Lily from harming Zoey. After that was done, I went to the kitchen, opened the pantry and took out the cereals from the top shelf.

After breakfast the kids played with the Dominoes. Most of their efforts were spent on keeping Zoey away because all she wanted to do was knock them down (and can you blame her? It's fun!)

I ended up putting on Handy Manny so she would leave them alone for a few minutes.
We bundled up and headed for the bus stop. I can't believe it is so stinkin' cold and it's the end of April. Last year we were swimming on May 1st. Doesn't look like it's going to happen this year.
Bus stop ritual #1 - All of the boys run down the block waiting for the bus to turn the corner, then they race the bus from one corner to the next. The bus driver really gets a kick out of it and drives really slowly so that the kids can win!
The first bus to come is the Kindergarten bus. Our three Kindergarteners: Lily, Heather and Alex all get on!
The next bus is for Mary Drew. The 1st through 4th graders get on here.
Despite the cold, I put Zoey in the jogging stroller and went for a run on the trail. This was back in the garage after the run, all sweaty and thirsty!
Mid-morning snack for mom - kiwi.
Mid-morning snack for Zoey - cereal (Reese's Puffs and Lucky Charms).
I love that smile!
Zoey went down for her nap. Sweaty Mom worked from home. I had to finish a couple reports and answer emails. I checked out some blogs and Facebook in between. It's the great thing about working from home!
I read a few pages in the book that I've been reading. I started this book months ago, then put it down to read a book that my mom lent me. I just picked it back up again. It's a good book, I just can't find time to read it.
I made a list of the summer classes that I want to enroll the kids in at the park district.
Zoey woke up from her 3.5 hour nap, so I can take a shower now. Yikes! No make-up! Ugh!
These are the products I use everyday.
Zoey wanted me to hold her while I dried my hair.
Afternoon snack - Decaf Diet Raspberry Iced Tea
Zoey got some cookies and Chex Mix.
Zoey wanted to take Mommy's picture with the Barbie camera while Mommy took Zoey's picture with the Canon camera.
It's Tuesday. That means it is early release day. Lily gets off the bus around 2:05 on Tuesdays.
I picked her up with the double stroller because she is usually exhausted at the end of the day. I think it has something to do with having low muscle tone as a result of the sensory disorder. She gets tired easily.
I try to have a snack ready for Lily as soon as she gets home. She has low blood sugar and needs to eat often. Today's snack - high carbs - mac and cheese, corn and fruit snacks. She hardly ate any of this. She asked for a banana, chocolate granola bar and Chex Mix.
She asked me to watch her play Pet Vet on the computer.
Here's the Chex Mix.
My BFF, Mary, calls me just about everyday at this time. She was driving from her school to the Illinois Resource Center, where she teaches a night course on How to Teach to English Language Learners. Notice on my phone the name Jacklily? One day Lily was playing with my phone and Jack's phone. She sent a message from Jack to me and changed the name so that the message was from both of them. I never changed it back. It think it's cute.
When Matt got home, Lily wanted the three of us to play Old Maid. Guess who had the Old Maid in 4 out of the 5 hands we played? I tried to get rid of it. Really.
Can't throw out a paper towel roll without someone turning it into a horn of some sort.
Marco and Teddy came over to play on scooters.
Since Jack wasn't come home tonight, I scratched off tacos from the menu on the fridge. (I'll make them tomorrow). We had chicken nuggets, Bosco breadsticks and apple slices for dinner instead. Poor Jack is freezing his butt off at the *choke-choke* Cubs game.
She knows that I don't let her have a binky or her Woobie until bedtime, but she snuck and got them while I was making dinner.
After dinner, a few more rounds of Old Maid and a few minutes of dominoes, it was time to wash up. Matt took a shower and the girls were in the tub.
I asked Lily how she got so beautiful and she told me it is because she has beauty marks on her body. That reminded me about her birthmark on her left shoulder. Since Lily can't see it, she asked me to take a picture of it and show it to her. There is a Barbie movie (I think it's the Princess and the Pauper) where both girls are twins, but one is a brunette and one is a blonde. They try to switch roles for a day by wearing wigs of the opposite color, but one gets found out because she doesn't have the Royal Birthmark. I told Lily that I'd always know that it's really her as long as I could check the back of her left shoulder.
He combed his hair for about 15 minutes. He thought it looked different when he combed it from different directions, but it's so short that it actually looked exactly the same.
One of our favorite bed time books.
Go, Dog. Go!
I kind of wish that some of the rest of this week could be documented, but I don't want this week to go on forever. I'd like to document Yoga class on Thursday night. (The kids had a week off last Thursday). And I'd like to document the semi-formal event that Jack and I are going to on Saturday. Oh well...There's always next time. Plus, I'll definitely take pics that will turn into scrapbook pages.
Tomorrow I will try to organize my pics and decide which ones I want to print for the Week in My Life Album. I am going to print one large 8x8 for each day, a bunch of wallet sized for each day that will go into baseball card holders and a collage for each day.
Which were some of your favorites from my week?

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  1. Wow, I am impressed that you took so many pictures the last day...I was totally dropping off! I love the picture of the kids playing dominoes with Z trying to sabotage their game;) That is K when we are playing board games! I am so glad you participated in this, and I think you could even document the days you wanted for yoga and the semi-formal event and just add them in there? There are no rules!! I just ordered my prints and I cannot wait to get them and show the whole album!!!

    Oh, one of the things I loved was that you captured the Jacklily name and the bus stop ritual...those are the little things that might not have made it into the scrapbook without this project, but are the little things that are special;)



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