Monday, April 26, 2010

A Week in My Life - Day 6 (Monday)

Mondays are usually hectic. Today was no different. The alarm woke me up at 6:00. I jumped in the shower and Jack had left for work by the time I was finished. This is how high my hair starts out at the beginning of the day. It won't stay this high for long. LOL
Today was "D" day at Matt's school. D is for Dress Up. His shirt is too small. His tie is too short and he is wearing track pants. LOL
I guess I need to buy Matt some new dress up clothes.

More cat torture today. This time it ended in a scratch on Lil's foot. A teaspoon of Motrin and 4 bandages helped a little.
Being that it is Monday, at 7:45 I dropped Matt off at the neighbor's house so he could take the bus to school. I dropped Lily off at Kids Can Do for therapy, and I left there to drop Zoey off at Daycare. She's the only one who cried when I left. Doesn't it break your heart? Good thing she doesn't go there very often. Miss Raja is very sweet and loves Zoey a lot.

Before heading back to pick up Lil I stopped off for some gas. The tank wasn't empty, but I needed to make sure the tank was full because I'm driving into the city for work today.

It's 8:33 AM and the temperature is 66 inside the car and 56 outside of the car.

Lily was fully engaged in an adventure as the Little Mermaid riding on her seashell car during her Occupational Therapy session.

After therapy I dropped Lily off at her school for a fresh, new week in Kindergarten. She changed school bags this weekend and brought with the messenger bag that Jordan gave her instead of the pink backpack.

Traffic was pretty light at this time of day. I love that I can see the skyline while driving in.

Shout out to my favorite sports team: GO WHITE SOX!!!

Isn't Chicago beautiful today? I hope I don't get pulled over for taking a picture while driving. LOL

Here's my office. I work on the 6th floor. I actually only come down here about once a month. I usually work at schools teaching the teachers, but today I am scheduled for a meeting with my team.

Oprah's Harpo Studios is right next door to the office.

The worst part about driving downtown -- the stupid parking meters. This one is $2.50 for 2 hours. Today I have to work for 4 hours, so I'll be back down here one more time to feed the meter.

Heading up to the SLI office on the 6th floor.

Today I got to eat lunch with the entire SLI staff.

Here's my team. Yep, there are only 4 of us. We used to have nine members, but the economy has forced us to downsize.

It's not always serious work. We do take time to smile and pose for a pic! :)

After work I picked up the girls (Zoey from Daycare and Lily from my friend Tanya's house). Tanya cut some tulips from her yard for me. She is so sweet.

Lily wanted to play Old Maid afterschool.

She said that since I took a picture of her, she wanted to take a pic of me.

Matt's afterschool routine is: snack first, homework second, play third.

This is one of my most favorite pics of the day! Lily actually took this one.

We took a walk over to the park. Zoey has become a little climber.

I took my three kids plus Teddy and Daniel. The boys were playing some sort of Dragon game.

Lily chased Zoey around the Bocci Ball court.

Then I threw Zoey in the stroller and took her for a walk around the walking path.

What's a day at our house without some sibling battery? Maddy came over to play and watched Lil and Matt battle it out!

Tonight's dinner: Honey-lime chicken sandwiches with lettuce, red onion and avocado, Artichoke-Spinach Ricotta Pasta Salad and Blue Corn tortilla chips. The kids had plain grilled chicken sandwiches and plain penne with butter.

After dinner dishes...

When the moon came out we decided to take a family walk around the neighborhood for some exercise.

It got pretty chilly out so we bundled up for our walk. After the walk, we let the kids have a snack and they all went to bed pretty easily. Jack went to his dad's house to do some touch-up painting and I uploaded pics and crashed on the couch.
One thing that I'm learning about myself by participating in this challenge is that I do a whole lot more than I thought I did each day. It's exhausting just looking back at all I do.


  1. I have been thinking the same thing as your last are a busy Mama! HUGE kudos to you and the amazing balancing act you do...and so well:)



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