Saturday, April 3, 2010

Our Favorite Tradition

One of our favorite family traditions is coloring Easter eggs on Good Friday! This year we enlisted the help of one of our favorite neighborhood girls! We also tried some new tricks with the eggs, like rubber bands to make stripes... Here is Matt with the rubber bands on his egg...
I thought this one looked really cool in the orange dye...

We dyed 4 dozen eggs, so we needed lots of cups with different colors...

We also used those magic white crayons to make decorations...

I think they turned out pretty can see a couple with stripes below from the rubber bands...

Now, we wait for that bunny to sneak into our house tonight and hide all 48 eggs! I sure hope we find them all!


  1. We just dyed our eggs too! I guess there is just no other way around it - your hands have to get covered in dye to make Easter just right!!

    We won't hide THESE eggs. Grandparents have plastic eggs (plus one golden egg) that they hide so when we arrive we know to look for them!! :)

    Happy Easter, guys!

  2. i dont think im hiding the real eggs either ... to messy and i remember this one time at my friends house where they actually lost an egg (no joke) and it totally has me spooked over hiding real eggs especially inside. but I DO LOVE THE BIT WITH THE DISPOSABLE CUPS HOLDING THE DIE ... so using that one later today when kailee's making a mess. lol

  3. HOLY LOT OF EGGS!!!!! And you hide them in the house?!?!?!?! That's brave! Have you ever forgotten one? or lost one? YUK! I love all the color, though!

  4. I guess you will know pretty quick if you don't find one, lol! Nice pics and that is a lot of eggs-you have waaaaay more patience then me...we did a dozen:) The rubber band idea is cool...that just made me think we should try to tie dye some shirts sometime soon:D



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