Friday, April 2, 2010

Girls in Blue

Yesterday was so nice outside...unseasonably warm for the first of April. I took the girls to the park and they decided to run around and play on the Bocci Ball courts for awhile. I managed to take some cute, but windy pics...

She's actually laughing here, although she looks like she's crying...LOL

This is a cute face too...

Zoey thought it was hilarious that Lily was chasing her around the court. Although, as soon as Lily caught Zoey, she did not want to be held!

Looking forward to more unseasonably warm days ahead!


  1. OMGosh-I can't believe HOW BIG Z looks!!! What a doll baby she is!! Such cute pics, I am loving the weather down here too-it should be beautiful for you next week;)

  2. Zoey sure has stretched a mile! And Lily's hair is getting so dark, too! Even with the wind, the weather has been beautiful. Good thinking to take the girls out for some fresh air!!



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