Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fun amidst the difficulties

Our family has been going through some difficult times lately...selling two houses (my grandfather's and my father-in-law's), tough economic issues and some unanswered questions about my daughter's recent diagnosis. It's hard to carry on a normal life when all of these heavy issues are weighing on our minds, but having a strong extended family is always a plus!

Amidst these difficult times, we have been able to celebrate some dad's 62nd birthday. Dad is about to undergo some major medical procedures, including some corneal transplants. So, it was nice to get together and wish him a happy birthday.
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  1. Stay strong, girl. There is no path that is unintended. Faith and fate work hand in hand to make us stronger from the day we first stepped out into this HUGE world.

  2. Great phot collage-looks like tons of fun. Family is so great to be around, somehow going through the motions of things like birthdays, etc. seem to make like run more "normal" if only for a brief moment:)



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