Friday, February 26, 2010

Eight is Great!

In our family, it is difficult to coordinate everyone's schedules and get the whole family together to celebrate on the same day, which is a BONUS for kids on their birthdays That means you get cake on more than one day! :)
Matt celebrated his eighth birthday on February 24th, 2010. He was lucky to have an early birthday celebration on the Sunday before. It started by him choosing some special friends to take with to an indoor amusement park. He chose his friends, the triplets, Paul and Marco (two of the triplets), and their younger brother, Teddy. Jack took the four boys and Lily for a fun-filled day of bowling, riding roller coasters, the Tilt-a-Whirl, and lots of other indoor rides.

When they returned, Grandpa and Grandma came over for dinner and cake to celebrate with Matt. He is such a serious wish-maker!!!

I tried to take some pics similar to the ones my friend Candi just took of her kids. Of course, Zoey wanted no part of laying on the floor, so she got up and walked away during the shoot. Then, the other two had the giggles, so they wouldn't lay still. Oh well...guess I'll have to try again next year. LOL

On Matt's actual birthday, he was treated to a visit from his three aunts: Alice, Jackie and Steff. He was spoiled rotten with lots and lots of presents. His favorite was this new wireless guitar to use with his Lego Rock Band Wii game!!

Even Dad got in on the action...

Every year since Matt could talk, we've asked him about the wish that he made before blowing out his candles. He has wished for lots of cute things, from a roller coaster in his front yard to his wish to stay home and not go to daycare. This year, when we asked him what he wished, he told us that he wished for Lily to listen to his parents, not get into trouble and get better from her sensory disorder. Isn't he sweet?

Happy birthday to my sweetie pie! Hope your 8th birthday was one of the greatest yet!! :)


  1. glad to see Matt had many cakes and wishes to make!

  2. I LOVE the wish making picture, and his wish was so so sweet:) What a good guy he is! I like the silly pic of them giggling on the floor, I am going to try that this week, but I am pretty sure K is gonna be just like Z was-what fun is laying on the floor when they can go, baby, go!!! Happy Happy Birthday Matt!!!!!

  3. i didn't know that you had a blog... want to do me a favor?!

    could you please click on links at the top of my blog... then click on mister linky and add your blog so i won't lose the link. :)

    will def be talkin' with you soon!




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