Monday, November 30, 2009

Thankful Days

Thanksgiving was nice this year! It was quiet. I got a break from my usual job as hostess. This year my mom cooked and I was a guest. Of course, I traded for Christmas Eve, which will have lots more people! Above...Zoey and Stef. Below...Zoey and Grandpa.
Zoey and daddy.

The annual Wishbone tradition. Matt wanted a piece of the action, but Stef would not let him break the tradition. She and I have battled over the wishbone for many years now. And I almost always lose!!!

Matt and Great Grandpa Fries.

Lily and Stef

This year instead of gingerbread houses, we decided to make Rice Krispie houses. It was much easier and came with a mold for a house, that we used twice. We also had enough krispies left over to make two people and a couple of wreaths.

This was Lily's finished house and krispie girl.

This was Matt's house and boy!

They look like professionals in those aprons. Don't they?

Now...on to the Christmas baking and celebrations! The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year!

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  1. too cute...

    I definetly have a craving for rice crispy treats now, but I think we are going to put a twist on the gingerbread house this year - B saw a TRAIN that he wants to build!!



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