Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Halloween and Zoey's First Birthday

Just realized today that I hadn't posted any Halloween without further ado...

The kids were most uncooperative with the camera on Halloween. It was a blustery, cold day and we had to take the pics inside because the kids had their coats on outside. Trying to get three wiggly kids to sit still and smile for a pic with their costumes on is next to impossible, but this is what I got...
Mr. Indiana Jones at your service. (I had to confiscate that whip a few times as you very well could imagine!)

The gorgeous Snow White does NOT wear glasses, so she couldn't possible adorn those with her costume on!

And sweet little Piglet may look familiar to some of you because, Yes, this is the third time one of my children has worn this costume! LOL....Zoey looks exactly like Matt did in this costume. It will be hard to tell the pics apart!

These park pics were taken on Zoey's birthday. I took her to the park and she was all smiles!

I love this one...I'll definitely have it blown up for scrapping...

I really wanted to get her a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake, but the choices were ugly, so she got her second favorite, Elmo. She was getting an Elmo present, so I wanted to get a Mickey cake, but no luck.

Here are the kids playing with the adorable Elmo Live. He tells so many different jokes and stories. It's a great toy!

Who liked it more? The one year old or the 5 and 7 year olds? Hmmmmm....

At her party...she was not a happy camper. I think she was mad about the cake. LOL

Eating presents is just as fun as unwrapping them!

Not a fan of cake!

It was more fun to squish it between her fingers than to eat it!

Happy 1st birthday, Sweet Angel Baby! 11-9-09


  1. Awww, I love their costumes! It's weird b/c I always thought Zoey looked like Lily, but now that you said the thing about Piglet, I do think she looks a lot like Matt! I love her park pics too-what beautiful smiles! I can't believe she is 1 already, time goes by soooooo fast!

  2. What awesome costumes!!! snow white is gorgeous!!! Love em.
    Also happy birthday to ZOEY!!! can't believe it already!!!! isn't it sad? Looks likeyou all had a great time, especially the cake.. he heee... and oh tell zoey, using her teeth to open things is not good for her teeth.. he hehee...
    Enjoy your week!!!!



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