Friday, September 18, 2009

Lily's glasses

So, I took Lily for her Kindergarten eye exam and we certainly got a huge shock! The doctor informed me that Lily's right eye is very blurry and it has been sending messages to her brain to stop using that eye. It's called Amblyopia. She is also far-sighted and has been dealing with this forever! How could we NOT have known?

So, the solution is that she will have to wear glasses for 6 months to try fix the blurriness in the right eye and hopefully get it used again. If it doesn't work, she will have to wear a patch (Yes! Like a pirate!) for about a year. The patch would cover the good eye and force the bad eye to be used. How awful!!

In the meantime, we have been seeing a Neuro-Psychologist because of Lily's behavior issues. We are pretty certain that she has Sensory Integration Disorder or Sensory Processing Dysfunction. Basically, she has hypo- and hyper- sensitivities that are causing her to have melt-downs, tantrums and other bizzare issues. She is going for a complete Neuro-Psychological and Occupational Therapy evaluation at the beginning of October, which means she won't officially be getting help until then.

Of course, the issue with her eyes/glasses have been adding to this sensory problem, and hopefully the glasses will help a little bit.

Despite these issues, she is still my baby; she still has sweet, gentle, tender moments, and of course, I still love her!!

We all just want Lily to get the help she needs and deserves!!


  1. Aye, Little girl. I believe there is a reason for this constant upheaval in her sweet world. She will persevere because she has such educated, informed parents.

    Stay strong!

    As for the patch - a cousin's child had to wear one for a year. He is much better, still wears the prescription, but is WELL.

    Now, for the fashion - I love the retro frames! I didn't see those when Aly was picking out her! But the cute blue ones seem perfect for Lily! Thank goodness for the new state mandate, huh!? My kids had me in the same boat - I never suspected they needed glasses!

  2. Poor and Lily! Just look at it this least you caught it now, right? She looks awfully cute in those glasses too...

    I wish you the best of luck with all the tests and diagnoses...let us know what the outcome is...



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