Friday, September 18, 2009

Lily's glasses

So, I took Lily for her Kindergarten eye exam and we certainly got a huge shock! The doctor informed me that Lily's right eye is very blurry and it has been sending messages to her brain to stop using that eye. It's called Amblyopia. She is also far-sighted and has been dealing with this forever! How could we NOT have known?

So, the solution is that she will have to wear glasses for 6 months to try fix the blurriness in the right eye and hopefully get it used again. If it doesn't work, she will have to wear a patch (Yes! Like a pirate!) for about a year. The patch would cover the good eye and force the bad eye to be used. How awful!!

In the meantime, we have been seeing a Neuro-Psychologist because of Lily's behavior issues. We are pretty certain that she has Sensory Integration Disorder or Sensory Processing Dysfunction. Basically, she has hypo- and hyper- sensitivities that are causing her to have melt-downs, tantrums and other bizzare issues. She is going for a complete Neuro-Psychological and Occupational Therapy evaluation at the beginning of October, which means she won't officially be getting help until then.

Of course, the issue with her eyes/glasses have been adding to this sensory problem, and hopefully the glasses will help a little bit.

Despite these issues, she is still my baby; she still has sweet, gentle, tender moments, and of course, I still love her!!

We all just want Lily to get the help she needs and deserves!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Random Post about the past month

So I just realized today that I haven't blogged in about a month, so I have all of these random pics to share. This first bunch is from the White Water Canyon Water Park. I took the three kids there right before school started back, as a last hurrah! It was really a lot of fun and we had perfect weather. The pic below is Matt and Lily on the lazy river, going under the buckets of spilling water!
This is the zero depth pool and the slides in the background. This water park is about a mile from my house. Very convenient and fun!

Matt liked these big slides the best!!!

Then, of course, was the highlight of my summer....the PEARL JAM concert at the United Center! I know PJ is a band from the 90's, but they have always been my favorite and I just adore the lead singer, Eddie Vedder. He has such a great, deep voice. They RAWK!!!

Jackie and I...being dorks.

This was before we left for the show...

Later in the month, Jack went to meet his sister, her husband and his cousin for lunch (with the three kids and without me...can you believe he managed?) Anyway, it was a going away lunch for Ela who is moving to Italy soon. Zoey doesn't look cooperative, does she? She was missing her mommy. (I couldn't attend because we were having a dinner party at our house later that evening and I was busy preparing food and cleaning the house!)

The next pic is from the outdoor birthday party for our library. They had a petting zoo, which Lily just loved. That's her petting the giant black hog.

Next you'll see Lily and grandma one day this summer at the park. I told you these were totally random pics from the past month...

Another pic from the library birthday party. We are sitting in front of the Bookmobile. Why am I the only person who appears to be having fun? LOL It was super hot this day!! I think we were all sweaty and ready to go back home.
We had a wonderful August!! I'm glad for the cooler September weather. I'm glad for the kids to be back at school and I'm glad for the wonderful things that fall brings!


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