Monday, August 10, 2009

My favorite pic

This one was my fave from the day. I took the kids for pics today. They sent them to me electronically. I can post them, but can't print them, so I thought I'd share them... As you can see, Zoey was Miss Cranky Pants today and was super fussy. She did not want to smile. She was actually crying when we took the set of pics in her Christening dress, but I picked her up and gave her a break, a little drink of her bottle and we kept trying. Those I won't post, since I'm having Thank You cards made with the pics.


  1. These are so so so adorable! Which is the one you're having blown up? I love them-you have gorgeous kids!!! Lil looks so grown up here!!

  2. What perfect colors! I love the brown and pink combo you chose! I think they are so CUTE!

  3. wow!!! what gorgeous kiddos you have!!! love the pics!! what a special day!



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