Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1st Day of School -- HOOOOORAY!!!!

We are so excited for the first day of school today. Matt is starting 2nd grade. He is happy to know a lot of the kids in his class (mostly from the neighborhood, but from last year too!) Lily is starting Kindergarten! We got to meet her teacher yesterday and she seems really nice. I think she'll have a fabulous year!!
These are the big boys at our bus stop. I can't believe that when we moved into our house Matt was only 3 months old. Time really flies by.

These are the Kindergarteners on our bus stop. How exciting to be starting school!!

Of course, Daddy made them pose against the sun, which made it look like they were all crying. (Which they were not!) LOL

Hello Kitty Backpack is the bomb!!

Hope this school year brings lots of fun and excitement!


  1. Oh, the end of soon! (We've still got two weeks; nah nah...)

    Seriously, WE ALL Hope the kids enjoyed a great first day!

  2. first time at your blog, but wanted to say it was fun perusing all of the fun stories and looking at all the pretty photos!

    will def be back.


  3. That crying picture is a crack up! Leave it to Daddy to do something like that! LOL! Cute first day pictures! How does it feel to have some extra time without all three of them?

  4. Awww, you can tell Matt is so excited in that first bus picture:) Lily looks adorable too! Glad they had a good first day, I hope they have a great year!! So when do you go back to work?



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