Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1st Day of School -- HOOOOORAY!!!!

We are so excited for the first day of school today. Matt is starting 2nd grade. He is happy to know a lot of the kids in his class (mostly from the neighborhood, but from last year too!) Lily is starting Kindergarten! We got to meet her teacher yesterday and she seems really nice. I think she'll have a fabulous year!!
These are the big boys at our bus stop. I can't believe that when we moved into our house Matt was only 3 months old. Time really flies by.

These are the Kindergarteners on our bus stop. How exciting to be starting school!!

Of course, Daddy made them pose against the sun, which made it look like they were all crying. (Which they were not!) LOL

Hello Kitty Backpack is the bomb!!

Hope this school year brings lots of fun and excitement!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Those Darn Ducks

So, today Lily said to me, "Mom? You know those ducks we see at the park?"

Me: "Yes?"

Lily: "They all belong to me. I've named them all."

Me: "What are their names?"

Lily: "You silly! There are too many to list."

Me: "Can you tell me just one?"

Lily: "Well, o.k. One of them is named Grape."

Me: "Grape the Duck?"

Lily: "Yes."

Me: "OK!"

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pics from my sista's camera

This is a blurry version of Steff and me. I think we look more like sisters than Jackie and I. My angel...

Kenny with Steff. Kenny is Jackie's boyfriend.

The many silly faces of Lil, Matt and Steffers...

Ma and Jackie....
Lil and Jackie

The two un-holiest people there...

Baby and Godmother...

Monday, August 10, 2009

My favorite pic

This one was my fave from the day. I took the kids for pics today. They sent them to me electronically. I can post them, but can't print them, so I thought I'd share them... As you can see, Zoey was Miss Cranky Pants today and was super fussy. She did not want to smile. She was actually crying when we took the set of pics in her Christening dress, but I picked her up and gave her a break, a little drink of her bottle and we kept trying. Those I won't post, since I'm having Thank You cards made with the pics.

Zoey's Big Day

Yesterday was Zoey's big day: her christening at St. Anthony's church in Frankfort, IL. She is officially a member of God's family now, and we couldn't be happier!! We had a beautiful ceremony at the church followed by a luncheon at our house with our friends and family. This was the happy baby after the ceremony: Her cake was so yummy!!!
After the ceremony, I thought it would be cute to sit Zoey on the altar, with the pretty flowers behind her for a few pics. Unfortunately, Miss Destructo decided to rip a leaf from one of the plants. I hope God doesn't mind! :)

Baby and Daddy

I handed my cameras over to Kenny and Sean, who aren't exactly the greatest photogs on Earth, but they did a decent job considering...

Zoey, her parents, brother, sister and her three fairy Godmothers. Our three children are lucky to have not one Godmother and Godfather that most children traditionally have, but they have three fairy Godmothers. I have two sisters and Jack has one sister, so we got special permission from the Arch Diocese to allow us to not have any Godfathers and instead have three Godmothers for each of our three children. I think it makes them even more special than they already are! the next two pictures are out of order, but here is the story...My sister, Steff (who played the role of the Godfather at the ceremony), had to light the traditional baptismal candle. In the second pic below you can see that she lit the candle and was walking back to where we were standing on the altar, but the candle blew out on the way. She looked at us and asked if she should go back and relight it, but we were telling her, "Don't worry about it. Just come stand by us and pretend it is lit." Well...if you look at the pic immediately below you'll see that a few minutes later, the candle RELIT itself. We were all completely freaked out! It was a sign from God. I don't know what it meant, but it was certainly a sign! Heehee

Here the pastor was blessing Zoey with the Holy Oil.

This was at the beginning of the ceremony, when she was awaiting her turn at the baptismal fountain... She loves to be naked!!

This was at the end of the ceremony.

I wrapped her up in a towel after she was "dunked!"

She was grabbing on to the Deacon's stole so tightly that she almost pulled him into the tub with her! It was so funny!

Prepare to be Dunked!!!

So, it was a lovely day and she did great! Hopefully the pics I took today at the portrait studio will show off her beautiful dress a little better. I still need to dig up an old wedding photo to show what I looked like in my dress. I'll do that tonight. Look for the pic to be posted tomorrow, if I can get my scanner working.

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Dress

My friend and neighbor, Tanya, is an extremely talented seamstress. So, I asked her if she would be willing to use the fabric, lace and beads from my wedding gown to create a Christening gown for Baby Zoey. She did and what an amazing dress it is!!! This is a close up for the beading. The beading on my wedding gown was hand sewn, so when Tanya removed the lace, each tiny little bead had to be hand sewn back on to the gown!
This is the intricate bottom of the dress. Won't it look so sweet on my little punkin'? This is the detailing at the top of the dress. Although Zoey is only 8 months old, she is fitting into a 2T, which is the size she made this gown!

Here it is. I should dig up a pic of me in my wedding gown to show you how the dress orignially looked. There is still plenty of material left. I'm thinking about saving it for a Communion dress for Lily.


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