Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer is in full swing

Hanging out by the pool today! Weather was perfect and the camera came out! I even let Matt snap a few!

The water in the pool isn't exactly as warm as I'd like it (since the heater is temporarily broken), but it's not stopping our fmily from swimmin'!!

Zuzu was my little anmated wild child in the pool and on the deck today! Isn't her tutu bathing suit the sweetest?

My bathing beauties......

More pool pics coming soon...


  1. You have some cute kids! I want their blue eyes! I hope you get the heater fixed soon!

  2. THose faces are precious - love the smiles from ear to ear - ADORE Lil's patriotic suit - too cute!

  3. Adorable pics of your kids! What cuties they are! Thanks for the congrats...I'm really looking forward to playing with August's kit!!

  4. What a doll Zoey is!!! Man, she looks like Lily in those pictures:)



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