Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fun Fun Fun & 2 New Teeth

During the summer I've been trying to plan one or two outings a week with the kids to keep them busy, prevent fighting and keep them out of trouble. This week I took them to Jump Zone to jump off some of that excess energy. I love that I used the sports setting on the DSLR and the pics came out blurry, adding the the movement effect...

This one is funny. Lily came down quicker than I expected, and this is all I captured with the camera...

The kids are so excited about our impending vacation... The are rehearsing how they'll react on the upside down roller coasters. (Only my goofy kids would rehearse for a roller coaster!)

Matt has the arm action going on...He has been studying the list of rides at the Cedar Point website. He has most of them memorized. He informed us this morning that he is tall enough to ride 15 out of the 17 roller coasters. Not bad, for a 7 year old, I say! He is currently 52 inches tall and the biggest roller coasters require you to be 54 inches tall. He has been checking his height every chance he gets. He is sure that he can grow those extra 2 inches before we get there. LOL

I tried to take advantage of the opportunity to take some pics of the three of them together, but as you can see, Zoey did not want ANY part of it!

Zoey is not actually smiling here. She started to cry because she does not like sitting on Lily's lap.

Now you can really see her tears beginning to form.

They they are. You can finally see the two new teeth down there! First and only pic showcasing the teeth!!! :)


  1. Look at those teeth-how adorable!!! LOVE the pictures of them practicing for roller coasters, that is way too funny!! I hope you ahve a great weekend!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see all the pictures:)

  2. SO smart - and great practice too! Can't wait to see what Matt's accounts are of the roller coasters after the experience! Hopefully, they will have those cool cameras on the ride that will catch it all in action!!

    Have a safe trip and snap LOTS of pics!

  3. I love your little cuties! That last picture is adorable as well as the pictures of the three of them! I want to bounce in those houses and go on those slides? They have a play area for adults? Looks like a great time!



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