Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fun Fun Fun & 2 New Teeth

During the summer I've been trying to plan one or two outings a week with the kids to keep them busy, prevent fighting and keep them out of trouble. This week I took them to Jump Zone to jump off some of that excess energy. I love that I used the sports setting on the DSLR and the pics came out blurry, adding the the movement effect...

This one is funny. Lily came down quicker than I expected, and this is all I captured with the camera...

The kids are so excited about our impending vacation... The are rehearsing how they'll react on the upside down roller coasters. (Only my goofy kids would rehearse for a roller coaster!)

Matt has the arm action going on...He has been studying the list of rides at the Cedar Point website. He has most of them memorized. He informed us this morning that he is tall enough to ride 15 out of the 17 roller coasters. Not bad, for a 7 year old, I say! He is currently 52 inches tall and the biggest roller coasters require you to be 54 inches tall. He has been checking his height every chance he gets. He is sure that he can grow those extra 2 inches before we get there. LOL

I tried to take advantage of the opportunity to take some pics of the three of them together, but as you can see, Zoey did not want ANY part of it!

Zoey is not actually smiling here. She started to cry because she does not like sitting on Lily's lap.

Now you can really see her tears beginning to form.

They they are. You can finally see the two new teeth down there! First and only pic showcasing the teeth!!! :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

What a Weekend!

Boy! Our family had a very eventful weekend. Starting with...

Zoey beginning to learn how to crawl. She isn't actually doing it yet, but she is on the verge. The problem is that she HATES to be on her belly. But, from a sitting position, she will get onto one knee and rock back and forth as if she's about to crawl towards something. Unfortunately, she always gets one leg stuck under her and she can't figure out how to get it out! See? That leg underneath just won't cooperate with the rest of her! LOL
Lily got to go for her second pedicure this weekend. And she just loved it! I only had my cell phone with me and took a couple pics with it, but I cannot figure out for the life of me, how to save the pics on my computer. I emailed them to myself and I can open and view the email. I can also print from the email, but something is wrong and it won't let me save to upload the pics here! Sorry. I'll keep working on it.

But, you can see her next two surprises in these pics... She got her hair cut short. It's a cute chin-length bob AND she got her ears pierced. I love how they tell you that the piercing is FREE with the purchase of starter earrings. Of course, the pretty starter earrings are $50!! I had to buy 14kt gold with swarovski crystals! What little girl wants the plain old gold balls they I had to get as a kid as starter earrings? No one!! You can also see the remnants of the dog bite scars in this pic.

Then, we had a fun day at our neighbor's annual Twisting By the Pool Extravaganza. It's a day long concert set up by the swimming pool. About 4-5 different bands play throughout the day. This is Pat's band. Pat is the boy who used to get Matt off the bus for me on the days that I worked last year. He's a great kid. His band: The Gun Show, was awesome!!!

Pat is the one on the right with the rainbow guitar strap. My house is the one in the background. I was afraid that the music would be so loud in our house that Zoey wouldn't be able to sleep, but we had the AC on and I think it helped to muffle the music enough that it was like white noise to her.

It was such a fun day!

Daddy and Zoey...

Mommy and Zoey...Matt and Lily with their favorite neighbor, Joe!

Jack and Tom at the end of the night.

I walked into the house to check on the babysitter and the kids, and this is what I came out to find?!!?!?!? Hmmmm....why is half a bottle of tequila missing?

It was a fun-filled, eventful weekend! Looking forward to the next one!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Splish, Splash, Swing!

Yesterday was the perfect weather for a trip to the park and a dip in the pool. I took these cutie-patootie pics of Zuzu in the baby swing at the park yesterday. I really like this one.
I need Candi to do some of her magic special effects to this one and make it look aged...that would be too cute! Look at those little piggies hanging down. Aren't they just the cutest? :)

She hates that bonnet. She kept trying to pull it off by the strings, so I had to keep retying it. I snapped these before she grabbed it off again.

Matt and his friends decided to pretend they were Superhereos by tying their towels around their necks. Too cute...
Look out!

Matt, Lil and the triplets in the pool, plus their little brother. Zoey was on my lap during the pics.

Splish, Splash, Fun!!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009


Here is a new layout that I created from the beautiful July KraftGirlKit. I think that this is my favorite kit from that kit club yet! The blues, greens and purples are just so pretty! I used an Ali Edwards' layout as the inspiration for this one...

This weekend we went on our annual blueberry picking trip to StateLine Blueberries in Indiana.
It was really crowded, but we hit the motherload of blueberries!

We stopped for a short picnic in the back of my car.

The blueberries were really large and sweet this year! The weather was just perfect for picking too - not too hot like it usually is in July. It was another successful outing with 15+ pounds of blueberries for sharing, baking and eating!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer is in full swing

Hanging out by the pool today! Weather was perfect and the camera came out! I even let Matt snap a few!

The water in the pool isn't exactly as warm as I'd like it (since the heater is temporarily broken), but it's not stopping our fmily from swimmin'!!

Zuzu was my little anmated wild child in the pool and on the deck today! Isn't her tutu bathing suit the sweetest?

My bathing beauties......

More pool pics coming soon...


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