Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

For the past two Mother's Days, my sisters and I have taken my mom to ScrapInn a beautiful bed and breakfast in Rockford, owned and managed by two of the loveliest girls I know, Kat and Kim. Unfortunately, this year, Kat and Kim took a much-needed Mother's Day/Birthday cruise to celebrate Kim's 40th birthday, so they would be unable to host us on Sunday. So, we decided to do the next best thing...
We created our own 12 hour crop! My mom hosted it at her house and my sisters and I brought our stuff to scrap the day away. We had muffins and fruit for breakfast, snacked all day long on fresh veggies, different flavored bagels and breads and dips galore!! For dinner we ordered in our favorite deep-dish pizza with black olives, roasted garlic and red peppers and fresh basil, and a garbage salad, of course!! During the 12 hour crop, I did get pulled away to bring my car home and bring Jack's car back, so he could take the kids to the puppy store and McDonald's Play Place, so I didn't exactly scrap for the entire time, but I did dedicate a good chunk to it.

Here are the creations that I came up with. Thanks for looking!!!

OF course, I can't end this post without mentioning my gifts. Matthew made me a lovely card at a school and a coupon book filled with great coupons:
  1. Feeding the "babby"
  2. Cutting the lawn
  3. Changing Zoey's "dyeper"
  4. Making breakfast (which I got yesterday.)
  5. Giving me a Mushas (massage)

From Lily I got a lovely hand-painted tea cup with a tea bag ready for me to drink~

From Zoey I got a cute little picture frame in the shape of a flower pot and flower!

The to August's Pearl Jam concert!!! WOO HOO! Who knew that they were my favorite band of all time?

I'm so lucky!!!


  1. I am glad you had such a sweet day!!! How fun to spend it with the girls:D You got a lot done too! Love what I see with that May KGK Kit:)

  2. Happy Mothers DaY! I cant wait for the kid made gifts.

  3. OMG!! you got a TON done!!! i wish i could do that soon!!! i have a zillion pics and no time to scrap!! awesome pages!!!!! and sounds like a great mother's day!!
    The babies are both sitting up, but not for long, they seem to droop over if left too long, so don't get discouraged with zoey...and Londyn doesn't have any teeth yet either, they say that girls get them later on... i can see hers too under the gum, and she drools like crazy...but no TEETH!!! eh ehhee.... River got two within 3 days!!! hope your week is going great and enjoy the weekend!!! thanks for stoppin by!

  4. happy mothers day! it looks like you guys had a great time! I cant believe how many layouts you got done, i love them all!



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