Monday, May 25, 2009

Lily's First Recital

On May 17th, Lily danced in her very first ballet recital! We were so proud of how well she danced! We were concerned because just a little over a year ago, we tried dance lessons and it was a huge bust! Lily would not stay in the room with the teacher and her fellow students. She screamed that she wanted to leave and kept running out of the classroom. I waited a year, let her mature a bit, and asked around for recommendations for a better dance school. I received a raving review of Creative Dance Center. We tried it and Lily loved it! Her teacher Miss Michelle is patient, experienced and a great teacher! The girls in the class have become great friends over the months and the recital was simply beautiful!

The girls performed to the song "Once Upon a December" from the animated movie Anastasia. It was a lovely performance, complete with the girls singing the chorus of the song!
Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt Jackie, Aunt Steff, Mom, Dad, Matt and Zoey attended the performance at Governor's State University's Theater of the Performing Arts Center. We were so proud of our little ballerina!


  1. WTG, Lily! Looks like some very beautiful pink tutu pics - and the lights were not too harsh on the stage!

  2. OMGosh, how freakin' cute! I love her little costume, they are adorable! Glad everything went smoother this year:) I am thinking of signing A up in the fall, so we'll see how she does!

  3. ohh congratulations lily! she looks so cute in her ballet outfit!
    oh yeah, sorry that adam didnt win idol, muahaha! sorry, i just had to say it! :)



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