Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Babies are Here!!!!!

So, our babies have finally arrived! Here is Momma Bird, as we affectionately call her, sitting on her nest, right before the babies hatched. The strange thing is that she continues to sit on the nest like this, even now that the babies have hatched. I'd think that they would be squashed or suffocated by this, but apparently this is how it is supposed to be... The pics are a bit out of order, but this is all three of the babies alive in the nest. I think this one is Matt, looking for his next meal. LOL
This is when it was just Matt and Lily, and Zoey was still inside her warm and cozy little egg.

Isn't it sweet how the two live birds are snuggling together on top of the third egg? Maybe they can sense the unborn bird inside.

Look at Matt and Lil with their big mouths open. Aren't their eyes a little freaky too? The better to see you with, my dear!

Here they are in the nest. Getting ready for Momma to teach them how to fly...

Welcome to the world, Little Ones.


  1. Totally cool snaps.

    My students are taking their Dibels assessments right now, and they would tell you that these little birdies have great "peeks" errr..beaks. long story.

  2. Cool Shel!!! That is so awesome even if their eyes are a little creepy, lol. How perfect that there are 3 birds for your 3 kiddos:)

  3. Hi, Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me nice comments!!! I'm glad I came to see yours too!! I'll definately be back!!! Beautiful pics of the robins!!!



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