Monday, May 25, 2009

Lily's First Recital

On May 17th, Lily danced in her very first ballet recital! We were so proud of how well she danced! We were concerned because just a little over a year ago, we tried dance lessons and it was a huge bust! Lily would not stay in the room with the teacher and her fellow students. She screamed that she wanted to leave and kept running out of the classroom. I waited a year, let her mature a bit, and asked around for recommendations for a better dance school. I received a raving review of Creative Dance Center. We tried it and Lily loved it! Her teacher Miss Michelle is patient, experienced and a great teacher! The girls in the class have become great friends over the months and the recital was simply beautiful!

The girls performed to the song "Once Upon a December" from the animated movie Anastasia. It was a lovely performance, complete with the girls singing the chorus of the song!
Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt Jackie, Aunt Steff, Mom, Dad, Matt and Zoey attended the performance at Governor's State University's Theater of the Performing Arts Center. We were so proud of our little ballerina!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

For the past two Mother's Days, my sisters and I have taken my mom to ScrapInn a beautiful bed and breakfast in Rockford, owned and managed by two of the loveliest girls I know, Kat and Kim. Unfortunately, this year, Kat and Kim took a much-needed Mother's Day/Birthday cruise to celebrate Kim's 40th birthday, so they would be unable to host us on Sunday. So, we decided to do the next best thing...
We created our own 12 hour crop! My mom hosted it at her house and my sisters and I brought our stuff to scrap the day away. We had muffins and fruit for breakfast, snacked all day long on fresh veggies, different flavored bagels and breads and dips galore!! For dinner we ordered in our favorite deep-dish pizza with black olives, roasted garlic and red peppers and fresh basil, and a garbage salad, of course!! During the 12 hour crop, I did get pulled away to bring my car home and bring Jack's car back, so he could take the kids to the puppy store and McDonald's Play Place, so I didn't exactly scrap for the entire time, but I did dedicate a good chunk to it.

Here are the creations that I came up with. Thanks for looking!!!

OF course, I can't end this post without mentioning my gifts. Matthew made me a lovely card at a school and a coupon book filled with great coupons:
  1. Feeding the "babby"
  2. Cutting the lawn
  3. Changing Zoey's "dyeper"
  4. Making breakfast (which I got yesterday.)
  5. Giving me a Mushas (massage)

From Lily I got a lovely hand-painted tea cup with a tea bag ready for me to drink~

From Zoey I got a cute little picture frame in the shape of a flower pot and flower!

The to August's Pearl Jam concert!!! WOO HOO! Who knew that they were my favorite band of all time?

I'm so lucky!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Babies are Here!!!!!

So, our babies have finally arrived! Here is Momma Bird, as we affectionately call her, sitting on her nest, right before the babies hatched. The strange thing is that she continues to sit on the nest like this, even now that the babies have hatched. I'd think that they would be squashed or suffocated by this, but apparently this is how it is supposed to be... The pics are a bit out of order, but this is all three of the babies alive in the nest. I think this one is Matt, looking for his next meal. LOL
This is when it was just Matt and Lily, and Zoey was still inside her warm and cozy little egg.

Isn't it sweet how the two live birds are snuggling together on top of the third egg? Maybe they can sense the unborn bird inside.

Look at Matt and Lil with their big mouths open. Aren't their eyes a little freaky too? The better to see you with, my dear!

Here they are in the nest. Getting ready for Momma to teach them how to fly...

Welcome to the world, Little Ones.


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