Friday, April 3, 2009

Random News on the Homefront

This post is going to have lots of different info. These first pics were taken yesterday in the sun room. Zoey was in a good mood, despite havinga bad cold, and I thought her red and pink outfit would look cute against the soft yellows in my sunroom! Isn't she precious?

Her new thing is sticking out her tongue. If I stick it out at her, she tries to imitate me and pushes her tongue out too. It's really cute. She loves to stick it out when she's eating, while saying the "Phtkkktt" sound too! Not so cute when she's eating peas and I'm wearing white! LOL

Look at those big blue eyes! Just like her brother and sister. There's no denying my three children are siblings!

Iwish Lily didn't look so pained in this photo, because it would have been a really perfect pic! Zoey has a precious smile here.

She's just missing her beer or a remote. LOL

Last week we went to Hamada Japanese steak house for my dad's 61st birthday dinner. I can't believe my dad is 61. I feel like it was just yesterday that he was in his 30s. WTF? Now I'm in my 30s. Life is too short. The kids had fun taking pics with Grandpa, but Lily has a goofy affliction that makes her blink her eyes whenever I take pics with my new point and shoot camera. Every pic I took that night of Lily has her eyes shut. Those pics will make for a silly layout!

Helping Grandpa blow out all of those candles....

Jackie is a huge Twilight geek. She watches the movie everyday and rereads the books often.

Zoey got a new toy!! Jack and Lily went out to buy Zoey an exer-saucer. We used to have one with primary colored decorations, but we donated it to a garage sale that our neighbor was having for the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society. So, Zoey gets the pleasure of having her very own! She loved the pink colors and fun little toys and decorations. Her favorite seems to be this little plastic book with moving pages (that look like they could smash some little baby fingers).

She loves bouncing up and down and standing on her own two feet. It's a great change from her swing and chair that we usually put her in. I hate to keep her in the same spot all the time, so we move her around as much as possible to keep her from getting bored!

Look at how much fun she was having here!

My sweetie pie!


  1. She is really getting SO big, so fast! What a good spirit she is, too! She is camera trained and ready to fit right into this snapping famiy!

  2. Zoe is a doll!!! those eyes are gorgeous!!! man they sure grow fast don't they???
    and i LOVE jackie's t-shirt!!! **SIGH**

  3. LOVE these pictures of her! She is such a happy girl!! And those eyes! LOL at the beer and remote pic/comment!



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