Monday, April 6, 2009

Lily is about to turn 5

Lily's 5th birthday is fast approaching (April 21st), so I have decided to take a stroll down Memory Lane in honor of this grand occasion. Here are some of my favorite old pics of Lily which incapsulate her personality for you...

Peek-a-boo Lily. Why do you and your brother still like to play with my laundry baskets? Except now they are roller coaster cars sliding down the stairs into the family room!

Ahhhhh...classic naked Lily. How many times did I hear about Lily streaking through the neighborhood while on Daddy's watch? Hmmmmm....a LOT!

Oh...our dear friend, Rocky, who passed away a short time ago. He was very gentle with Lily, as you can see. Of course, she can still play with Rocky's offspring, London and Dylan, who live behind us.

Marco Beach, Florida....Playing in that awesome sand...

Oh, I just want to squeeze those cheeks. 4th of July...Daddy's birthday party...

What happened to this tunnel? I think it's in Matt's closet....buried...beneath mounds of train tracks...

Is this Zoey or Lily? LOL Considering that Zoey cannot sit up on her own yet, this is definitely Lily!

Lily's first Easter egg hunt! How sweet!

My smiley, happy, girl! Can't believe you are going to be 5 soon! I'll post more pics later!


  1. Doesn't this really put a perspective on time flying by? It really made me regress when I posted Aly's timeline. I can't believe she is FIVE already! YaY! Lily!

  2. zoey does look alot like her older sister. cute pics of lilly.

  3. Awww, I loved looking at these old pics of her-too sweet!! And Zoey does look like her-A LOT! You are going to be in trouble when they are teenagers, lol.



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