Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Zoey has gotten so big! She has doubled her weight since birth. She is topping the scales at a whopping 13 pounds! She is only 2 months old and is fitting comfortably into size 6-9 month clothes! WOWWEEE!

She looks so much like Lily at this age, it's scary. I think I gave birth to identical twins, 4 years apart!

She is cooing and gooing and blowing bubbles and doing all of the fun things that come with newborn babies!

She is our little treasure! God has blessed us with this amazing child.

Can you believe that she also sleeps through the night? Not just 5 or 6 hours like most babies do at this age, but she will actually sleep 8-9 hours at a time!!!!

Thank you , God for this miracle! She is truly cherished by us all!


  1. She had gotten SO BIG! What beautiful character in her eyes!!! I love "em!

  2. She is SO precious Shel! That is so awesome she is sleeping so long at night too!



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