Monday, December 8, 2008

Gingerbread Houses

Aunt Alice came over to make gingerbread houses with the kids last night. She is a scout leader and made this project with her girl scouts. She had some extra supplies so she let Matt and Lily have fun with the left overs. This one is Matt's house. He has bears on the roof and an army of bears in the backyard to protect the house from enemies, of course! LOL :)
This is Lily's house. Can you see the snow fort/igloo of white marshmallows in the front yard?

Frosting is fun when it's on your nose, isn't it?

Sean's mom sent some costumes for the kids because she knows they love to dress up. Lily is wearing the pirate costume...


  1. Cute pictures and houses! I can't wait to do this with A this year!

  2. It's a brave feat! Glad the kids had so good times putting these together with their Aunt Alice!



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