Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

Christmas was wonderful this year! (Aside from Lily having a really bad cold, which follows the tradition of having a sick kid in the house on Christmas EVERY SINGLE YEAR FOR THE PAST 6 YEARS!!)
We spent the holiday with family and kept warm inside!
On Christmas eve the Vizdal family hung out at mom and dad's house. Uncle Roger and the kids (minus Aunt Marla, who was needed in Rockford), Aunt Peg, Cousins Chris, Bill, Dana, Katy, Craig, Joey, Katie, and all of our fam had a good time. We played Guess the Christmas Carol, Christmas Charades, Name that famous person, pool, and ate, ate and ate!!
Zoey was passed around a lot, but was such a good baby! People are amazed at how little she cries. God finally blessed me with a good one! And I am truly grateful!
Back at home, we left out the cookies for Santa and in the morning, he surprised us with more toys than one family needs! Here is a picture of the aftermath...yikes!!
After opening presents at home, we went back to grandma and grandpa's on Christmas morning for more presents. Can we say SPOILED???

Steff and Jackie posed with Zoey in their new footed pajamas.

This was the first Christmas that Matt was not afraid of the Christmas Moose...

The favorite gift this year..(Matt has asked for it every year for the past 3 years) -- I guess Santa could finally afford it!

Best of all were the smiles on these three faces...I couldn't have asked for anything better this Christmas!


  1. I am glad you had such a good Christmas, but sorry poor Lily was sick! Great pictures, love the one with Matt and the train and that sweet smiley Zoey!

  2. You are SO blessed! Looks like a good Christmas at your house. Little Zoey's smile is just precious! Great pictures!

  3. Looks so merry and bright. Lovin' that awesome Polar Express TRAIN! How neat a present! (Gonna have to tell me more about that one!)

    Glad the tidings were good and the holiday survived the house again!

    Now onto that awesome new year! Hugs...



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