Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

Halloween was a wonderful day for my little ghoul and goblin this year! Lily had a wonderful party at her preschool. They played games, made "worm" Jell-o and ate lots of junk! Matt had a great school party as well. All of the first and second grade students were in the lunchroom where the moms ran a variety of different games. I was in charge of the Pumpkin bowling game, which is actually more difficult than it sounds. Very few kids got strikes using a pumpkin as the ball! (It doesn't roll very well!) But the kids looked like they were having a BLAST!! After school Dad took the kids trick-or-treating around the neighborhood with some of our friends. They were gone for a long time, while I sat in front passing out candy. (I wasn't able to stand or walk because I was having some serious Braxton-Hicks contractions. I thought for awhile that I was in actual labor, but the contractions ended after a few hours!) Lots of neighbors came over to hang out with me and keep me company, so I was able to enjoy the day as well!
The weather couldn't have been more perfect for a devilish Halloween like this one!


  1. Cute pics Shel! Love how you captured how excited they are running down the street! Their parties sound fun too!

  2. How funny that Aly and Lil ended up in the same costume! Hope tink and SuperBoy had a blast!

  3. aww it looks like you guys had a fun halloween! :D i love the pics!



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