Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hoe Down!

My friend and boss, Kathy, decided that for her 40th birthday she wanted a full-out, traditional Hoe Down, complete with a square dance caller and cowboy food! Everyone dressed up (except for Jack and I) for the occasion! Here are some pics of the silly dancers and adorable costumes!
Here are our friends: James and Neena in full hoe down attire...
The Junior Classmen: Michelle, Mary and Neena
Square dancing...
The Virginia Reel...


We caught this little dude red-handed, stealing a tomato from the garden! Stinker!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

More pics of my Lillies

I took some pics of some of these pretty pink Lillies that I have. Of course, after I took the pics, my Lily destroyed some of the flowers by ripping the petals right off! Oh well, there's always next year. Boo-hoo!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lily...to a tee!

My mom sent me this pic she took with her camera at Laura's wedding! This is a perfect example of Lily's personality! She is such a stinker!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Little John Travolta

There is always one star dancer at every family wedding. For the past three weddings, it has been our one and only...Matt! He is an awesome break-dancer and has these crazy moves! I think he watched too many episodes of "So, you think you can dance!" Everyone asks me where he learned all of his moves, and I always say, "From me, of course!" LOL

More Family Pics from the Wedding

Lily and Daddy had fun dancing at the wedding reception in downtown St. Louis
Grandma, Steff, Matt and Lily stood on the 10th floor balcony overlooking the city.
Grandpa, Grandma, Steff, Matt, Lily, me, Jackie and Kenny posed in the conservatory after the wedding ceremony.

Family Wedding

This past weekend, we traveled down to St. Louis, Missouri to attend my cousin Laura's wedding, to her long-time boyfriend, David. It was a beautiful setting, at a local conservatory. Isn't this lovely?

Monday, August 4, 2008

Holy Zucchini, Batman!!

I picked this zucchini out of my garden yesterday! I sliced it, marinated it, seasoned it and grilled it! It was enough to feed 8 adults and 3 kids! Yummmmmmmmmo! It was delicious!

Yep! That's about 14 inches of yummy vegetable!


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