Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sprinkler Fun!!!

The kids had a blast in the sprinkler today, and I had a blast playing around with the zoom lens on my camera!!

Here I was trying to mimic the really cool pic I saw in the latest issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine. The first couple pics I took were wasted because I couldn't tell that the camera was on manual focus, because it was so sunny outside. So, the best shots got trashed. When I finally switched it to auto focus, they were tired of holding hands and running towards me, but these are still cute anyway! LOL!

Look at Lily...striking a pose!!

Yes, I know you can see his skeleton! UGH! He eats everything in site!! LOL!!


  1. How fun!!! My favorite one is Lily's pose!!! What a model babe!

  2. love all the photos ... like how the water in the sprinklers looks.

  3. that first pic of them through the sprinkler is priceless - I love how you caught the water in mid-arc! Definitely scrapping material!!

  4. glorious water and sun! What cool activities for such a warm day.



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