Thursday, June 5, 2008

Photo Assignment #1

This is my third entry in the offset photo assignment. Of course, if I were to print this photo, I would fade the background to all black to get the TV out of view!

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  1. Cute smiles here! I don't think it is offset enough for me; maybe just a nudge more to the right. While the kids are adorable - the bg is not interesting - it would work if maybe the bg was blurred (but no editing allowed, huh?)

  2. I like this one b/c the bg doesn't compete with the kids... they look so happy!

  3. great picture, loose the TV in the background. I like how the flash brought out those adorable kiddos, but I think oyu probably could h ave used your zoom instead, and then the backgound should have blurred more and been more of a dark backdrop instead of the family room.

  4. SOOOO cute! If it weren't for the tv, but that is easily fixable! I think even zooming in more could've been cute, even getting down a little more and shooting up at their faces.



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