Thursday, June 5, 2008

Final entry

Here's my final entry for photography assignment #1. I thought the pensive, serious look on his face was sweet. He is turning the crank so that the bucket of water will tip over and spill on his head! LOL

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  1. There's not enough going on here for me. It looks like he's stuck in slow motion because the distance is drawn back. I would close in on "that look" on his face to tell more of a story, but I get the fact that the bucket is part of that...hmmmm...not sure on this one.

  2. Agree with Candi... I realize the bucket's part of the story, but I wish we could see M closer up to get a better view of his face.

  3. so this photo does nothing for me, and I would expect to see it all tiny on a SB page with a whole lot of other so so photos from the event. the story only came to me because you told it.

    I think a better view would be to be over in font of M looking up at him, with the bucket in the top back of the photo. kinda put yourself into the photo as it is and draw a diagonal line up from the bottom left to the top right... that would be the view of the photo ... kinda cropped but you could see the wheel, M (and his expression) along with a glimps of the bucket above.

  4. I agree with Candi about not enough going on here. It's kinda hard to see the look on his face without it being closer. I like Jakki's idea about getting down and shooting up so you could see the bucket over behind him. If you wanted to scrap it, you could print it big, then crop it so that he is filling the picture, and print that one, then kind overlap it with the uncropped picture so that the close-up cropped pic is filling up the white space in the uncropped pic. Does that make any sense, lol...



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